YW Bulletin Board Idea by Mary Bown


 Bananas, Red Vines Licorice, Sliced Fruit, Nuts, fruit snacks with the jungle-type packaging, animal cookies, etc.  


 In the jungle of cool by Margot Pauni - story to teach First Aid
 Jungle Theme for Girls Camp by Tiffany Johnson
 Our theme this year is a jungle safari theme, "Hunting for the best in others".  The individual themes were jungle animals: elephants, tigers, hippos, flamingos, etc. (Idea by Lynette Packard)


 It's a jungle out there!
 New Beginnings Invitation from Jill's YW Page
 New Beginnings Program Cover from Jill's YW Page
 We used the jungle theme ideas from Holly's Corner and other suggestions. We had the girls Wwalk" through the jungle. We moved from one room to another that was decorated with huge stuffed animals. We had the aligator/tiger room etc. We took them out side and where the vines were and the insections attacked (threw bird seed at everyone). We gave the girls safari hats to wear during the safari and game them small stuffed lions. We told them "Noel" the lion has lost her courage and during our safari experience we will discover how she can gain her courage back. We then gathered together in the starting room and reviewed all the experiences the girls experienced and the symbolisms. We gave them the tool kit that was mentioned in in Holly's Corner. We served fruit kabobs, bowls of fruit and lemon water." (Idea by Connie Valantine / YW Yahoo Group)


 Jungle Nursery Check-In Poster by Nicole Stapley 


 Rumble in the Jungle - I spend about 5 minutes before the lesson just letting each girl share one thing that is important to them that happened the previous week. It truly does create a softer atmosphere and also a teaching tool.... I really push respect during this time.  If it is not your turn, then you should not be talking..... etc. I too share and I have the other leaders (whoever is in the room) share as well.  I find myself excited when something happens that is rumble worthy!!!   It is funny how one week we weren't able to "RUMBLE" and the the next week the girls all asked if we were going to be able to rumble!!!  I have seriously been thinking about changing it/or adding to it that they also share one thing coming up in the
week.  Maybe a test, or something they are excited about.  But I want to be able to have them hear me pray for each girl and their one upcoming event.  I am hoping that they will feel my love for them. (Idea by MeriKay Greco / YW Yahoo Group)


 Jungle Party Ideas