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alt 24 Beanbag Ideas
alt Alphabet Bags - Time Filler for those times when your class finishes early!
alt For the older children that have extra time after lesson... I have a question Jar.  In it I have questions like what kind of person do you want to marry?... Are you that type of person now? and Why? I have about 45 questions like that in it and it makes the children think a little more about what they choose to do now affects the future. (Idea by Ann Rich)
alt Invite the Savior in by Nanci Jarman
alt Marble Jar by Sarah Zambrano
alt Puppets - LOTS of ideas on finger puppets, paper bag puppets and more!
alt Question Flowers by Shelley Nash
alt Scripture Assignment Bookmarks by Rusty Willson 
alt Several, Several Ideas for Games to Review Lesson Material
alt The Reverence Box by Lori Ries
alt Time Fillers - Lots of ideas in case a lesson runs short!
alt Treat Tokens by Angela Nelson
alt Warm Fuzzy Jars


alt Clipart Resources


 Dealing with difficult children


alt I learned of a game today that I thought could easily be adapted as a review game for class.  It's called Hot Potato.  What you do is take slips of paper.  On each piece of paper, write down a review question from your lesson.  Then take a potato and wrap it in one layer of foil. Then take the first question and place it inside the next layer of foil.  You could add a few blank layers to throw them off.  Then have them play hot potato. Have the children pass the potato.  You could do this part in many ways.  You could have everyone repeat an article of faith or scripture from the lesson and the child who is left holding the potato unwraps the next layer of foil. When they find the paper, they answer the question.  Make it more of a group discussion instead of teams, but really you can do it however you want.
alt Pop Quiz
alt Prophet Go-Fish-Game by Julie Andreasen
alt Straw Game - Roll up individual strips of paper writing one review question on each paper and put into straw.  One strip of paper per straw.  Then place all the straws in a cup on the table.  Put a container of some sort on the floor and tell them that if they can blow the question out of the straw and into the container then it is worth three points.  If it falls short of the container it is worth one.  After the child blows the question out of the straw, they pick it up and answer it.  Continue until all questions have been asked.


alt Scripture Stickers by Tara Tarbet
alt Thank you for being an amazing student by Khinna Kaminske
alt These are handouts the teachers take to each child that is going to be in their class for the new year. This gives the teacher a chance to make a personal visit, welcoming ea child ahead of time. And it's a great missionary tool. Last year we made brightly colored cards that said: We're bubbling over with excitement to see your face in Primary! Each card had a place for the teachers name, ph #, and when Primary begins. We had tiny bottles of bubbles to go with it. Another one we've used has an elongated old fashioned convertible with a bunch of kids inside. On top it says: Hello! We're going to Primary! We hope to see you there! Beneath the car it says: Another Primary year is about to unfold and there is a special place just for you. So draw your own picture in the reserved seat (which is empty) and be ready to roll on to Primary. We will begin Sun. Jan. ____, at ______. Your teacher will be________.


alt Idea on Fellowshipping by Kristen Hudson
alt Missed You Cards / Postcards
alt Other fellowshipping ideas


alt 24 Beanbag Ideas
alt Alphabet Bags - Time Filler for those times when your class finishes early! 
alt For the older kids that have extra time after lesson... I have a question Jar.... in it I have questions ..Like what kind of person do you want to marry... Are you that type of person now? and Why? I have about 45 questions like that in it and it makes the chilcren think a little more about what they choose to do now affects the future. (Idea by Ann Rich)
alt Lesson Planner for teachers
alt Primary Manual 7 Helps
alt Puppets - LOTS of ideas on finger puppets, paper bag puppets and more!
alt Several, Several Ideas for Games to Review Lesson Material
alt Time Fillers - Lots of ideas in case a lesson runs short!
altTreat Tokens by Angela Nelson    
alt Using the Scripture Videos in Class by Samantha Reber


Serving in Primary


alt Bible Dictionary Scavenger Hunt by Lisa Van Gemert - Emergency substitute lesson plan
alt Behavior problems in class? - One thing I've always done is come up with class rules together everyone. That way they know what is expected of them. Decide upon a consequence for breaking the rules. Be firm and do what you say you are going to do. Also use LOTS of positive reinforcement! And of course, pray, pray, pray! (Lisa Koetsch)
alt CTR 5 Class
alt Dear Mom and Dad Letter - (Idea by Kathleen Peterson) When I taught primary, I wrote a brief summary of the lesson we had each week. The letter was written as though the child in class had written it to his or her parents. In the letter it told the parents what the lesson was about (today I learned that it is important for me to use my free agency to choose the right) Always covering the purpose of the lesson and including all scriptural references and stories. This helps the parents get involved in their child's learning, and allows the child to bring the letter into their Family Home Evening lessons as a participant sharing what they learned. I always close the letter with the child thanking the parents for bringing them to church today. I then make copies for the children who didn't attend, changing the ending to my missing them and hoping to see them soon. I send it to them in the mail and try to quarterly visit them to give it to them. I have received many comments from the parents as to how helpful it has been to them. I also use the letter to put stamps on for the child's participation and reverence. This makes them feel appreciated and lets the parents know they are paying attention. It really works!
alt Every week I post a picture of the Savior on the outside of our classroom door. Before I let my little 6 year olds into the classroom, I ask them to enter one at a time, reverently, and then the LAST in line gets to "invite" the Savior into our classroom to join us. I then tape the picture up on the wall where the Savior can see us. This has added a huge change in the reverence in our classroom. The children feel special that THEY got to invite Him in to be with US. (Idea by Nanci Jarman / ga01112008)
alt I love the idea of making your own scratch-off cards.  I am a Primary teacher and can see how this would be fun in the classroom.  (Shared by Shannon Kimball / ga09052009)
alt "I have found a great way to get the children more involved. I made sure our classroom always has a table so we can spread out all of our stuff. I gave each a 3 ring binder that they decorated. I made a chart that gave a point value to each of many requirements, such as 1 point each for bringing their Scriptures, participating in class, cleaning the room and blackboard, stacking chairs, saying opening and closing prayer, writing in their journal etc. They get 5 points for bearing their testimony in Sacrament, 3 points for holding Family Home Evening, being prepared for class (I give them the next week scripture to read) etc. The possibilities are endless. They keep their own point totals (honor system). They get 3 points for memorizing each Article of Faith and an ice cream social when the entire class has them memorized. I bought some inexpensive plastic "pony" beads in varieties of colors, shapes and sizes and plenty of things to string them on. The beads have assigned point values based on how fancy they are. Most are worth 1 point, but some of the really special ones can only be redeemed with 5 or 10 points. They can redeem their beads at the 1st Activity night of each month. Last month we had one night to just play with the beads, decorating visors, shoe laces, belts, etc. The children really love it and stay excited about doing things during class. (Modify reward for boys)" Idea by Barbara Franklin
alt I shared with them the poem "What If" from Sept 1996 FRIEND. I printed off a small mouse and gave them it to put in their pocket. I brought tape for those who did not have a pocket. They sat so still so that their mice could see and hear. (Idea by Nicole Richins / ga11152007)
alt I told the story of Chris-hopper from the March 2000 Friend. It talks about him deciding that on Sunday his feet could be like a turtle. I printed off little turtles and taped them to their shoes to remind them to walk reverently. (Idea by Nicole Richins / ga11152007)
alt Instead of treats by Lori Taylor
alt LDS Primary Lesson Helps for Lesson 38
alt "Last year, in the CTR 8 class, I provided the wireless notebooks, (although spiral would be fine), and it was each child's journal for the year. I found that the entire class time was a little too long for their little bodies and attention span to bear, so we devoted the last 7-10 min. of class to a journal activity. They were assigned to write a scripture, ("I will go and do as the Lord commands, " etc.), or draw a picture about the lesson, a current holiday, or even a birthday cake when it was my birthday. On the cover of these notebooks, they affixed stickers, earned for bringing scriptures to class, giving a prayer, a talk, etc. Other special incentives came along as the year went by. I had 100% scripture possession from 8 yr.. olds!! I kept the notebooks with me, made for a little heavy load each week, but it didn't matter. They we very receptive." Idea by Chris Pendle
alt My husband when he taught 11 yr old boys, gave them the first 5 or 10 min of class to tell him about their week. They all got a turn to say how their week went. This accomplished several things. First, they had an opportunity to talk about the things they wanted to talk about. It gave them an opportunity to get to know each other. They also felt my husband liked them and was interested in them. And....then when their time was us up, he explained that it was his time. That he was teaching them the lesson and that was to be the focus of the rest of the time. Most times that worked and they respected that, however, as 11 yr old boys often do, they would still be restless and silly and "bored" which is a word I think they use when they have a hard time concentrating. My husband always, matter of factly and with out malice, maintained that if they were not interested in participating in the lesson or wouldn't sit quietly while the other did, then they were welcome to leave, but they were not going to stay in class if they were going to be disruptive. They would ask if they had to go to their parents or ask where they were supposed to go, and he would tell them that was up to them, but they couldn't be in class if they disrupted. He had one or two try it out, but they quickly came back, as they didn't want to get in trouble with parents, or maybe they didn't want to miss out on what was going on in class. But mostly they respected what he said and took him at his word on it. (Idea by Rebekah Wyckoff)
alt My son was one of those antsy kiddos who couldn't sit still. His Sunbeam teacher gave him a heavy set of scriptures to hold. I'm not sure why, but it worked most Sundays at keeping him in his seat. The other kids all wanted a turn to hold the scriptures but it was his important job...and his alone. She made a big deal about the "hand-off" if he was getting up to participate, and then asked if he would please hold the scriptures again when he was done. It made him feel special and helped him to be reverent. (Idea by Amber Pace)
alt New Online Training - Lessons provide suggestions for overcoming common behavior concerns many
alt Primary teachers face. Each interactive lesson (6 total) can be viewed online and lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.
alt Non-Food Rewards for Primary - Alternatives to Candy Rewards by Amelia Miles
alt Picture Puzzles - A while back I went through my old Ensign/New Era/Friend magazines (over 5 years) and cut out all the photograph/pictures that I thought might be used. I sorted them in file folders in an apple box (topics: family, children, teens, Old Testament stories, New Testament Stories, Modern Prophets, etc.) I have used these pictures in many ways: I picked out interesting ones and put them in plastic pages to make quiet books for my own children to look at during Sacrament Meeting; one specifically on the Sacrament, keeps them busy during the Sacrament. Recently I used a duplicate copy of the Prophet Joseph Smith to make a puzzle (gluing it to cardboard and cutting it into pieces) and put questions about prophets on the back of each piece to use in my Valiant 12 class. I don't feel so bad about cutting a picture or letting children use them for games or story telling themselves (or just to look at) because they are free and often duplicates. (Idea by Evelyn Hawley)
alt Personalizing Handouts by June Mott
alt Primary Journals by Julie Van Wagoner
alt "Tag-Along" Bag by Beth Moffat
alt Scripture Snacks by Rhonda Ferranti
alt Some suggestions from a Sunbeam Teacher
alt Teaching Guidebook
alt Teaching, No Greater Call Manual
alt When my mom taught this age group, she did a lot of fun things with them to make up for the fact they had had the lessons so many times. My favorite thing she did with her class, was to pick a scripture for them to memorize each month. She would usually pick something from one of the lessons, and then would print them on 3x5 cards. Each child had one of those metal rings to hold all their cards on, and they would practice each week. She had some sort of incentive for passing a scripture off - stickers, candy, whatever - and the kids really looked forward to this part of class." ( Idea by Lisa in Savannah, Georgia)


alt One Liners


alt CTR Badges by Maria Eckersley
alt Reverence in the classroom - One of the best things I know of....and the children seem to really love it....is every single week give them time to talk. It accomplishes 2 things. You learn a little about them every week and they begin to feel you care about them and are interested in them, and when they are all done.. you let them know it is time for the lesson to begin and It is your time to talk...that they are only to make comments pertaining to the lesson. You just ask them every week , how their week was, and give them each a turn to tell you about what they did, and often times, they are more willing to behave during the lesson. (Idea from Rebekah Wyckoff)
alt This may seem somewhat juvenile, but I used to teach Sunbeams and had a hard time with reverence - and I only had 3 children! I made a CTR bean bag. The kids could only talk if they had the bean bag, and in order to get the bean bag they had to raise their hands. (Idea by Robin)


alt 2008 Sharing Time Helps - "I am a Child of God"
alt 2007 Sharing Time Helps - "I'll Follow Him In Faith"
alt 2006 Sharing Time Helps - "I will trust in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Their promises are sure."
alt Class Presentation Outline by Anibal Lopez
alt Sharing Time Index from the Friend Magazine - I've indexed all the sharing times from 1982 to current.


alt Sunbeam Letters by Cynthia Mikesell


alt Being Prepared and Preparing Ourselves Spiritually to teach (Power Point)
alt Click here for ideas on Teacher Improvement and In-service Meetings

VIDEO CLIPS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Using the Scripture Videos in Class by Samantha Reber
alt Music in the Classroom
alt Teacher, Do You Love Me? - 1986. Extracted from the Church Primary fireside of 23 February 1986. The true story of a rebellious boy whose life was influenced by a caring teacher. 17 min.
alt Teaching - A Renewed Dedication - This segment can be used in teacher training and council meetings to teach three basic concepts for improving and strengthening teaching: (1) seek the Spirit, (2) love your students, and (3) prepare. These concepts are taught in three short stories portraying challenges faced by a Sunday School teacher, a Relief Society teacher, and a pair of home teachers. 37 min., plus discussion time for prepared questions. (Video Clip 2)