Here are some activity ideas based around Christmas.   If you have others 

you would like to add, just send me an e-mail - 

  Advent Wreaths - I had my girls make an advent wreath that used small envelopes with a scripture or thought inside each one. The wreathe could be only 12 days if you wanted, just use 12 envelopes. They outlined the envelopes with green felt pen and then decorated the envelopes in Christmas colors using felt pens and stickers. Being just paper keeps it really light. I seem to recall that we mounted them on a circle of cardboard cut out like a donut to make it a good base for the wreathe and the envelopes were placed in an overlapping pattern all around. (Credit Unknown)  Here is a link for some advent scriptures and thoughts if you would like to use them in conjunction with the above activity: Daily Christmas DevotionalsChristmas Advent Wreath from the Friend

 Are you seeing stars??  (Service Project Idea)
 Chocolate Fountain Family Night by Hope Bingham

 Christmas Advent Wreaths by Tanya Gulino
 Christmas Countdown Garland
 Christmas Family Traditions: Mini Christmas party where the girls share favorite traditions from their family, read Christmas stories, and sing carols. (Idea by Shana Windham)

 Christmas I Spy Bags
 Clay Pot Nativities, Another One

 Cookie Exchange by Kristi Malcolm
Favorite things party

 Gingerbread Houses - I thought of doing Gingerbread houses and having the girls decorate them, but I wasn't sure if that would be too much work for me to do, and then I found a really good idea on the Food Network:  Moist Chocolate Cake Christmas Trees. They look really good and really easy. I'll have the girls decorate them and then we'll watch 'Joy To The World' (or another church Christmas movie). I also thought of buying the clear Christmas ornament balls and letting them decorate them. (Idea by Sheena Perron)

 I just wanted to share an idea for gifts for the Activity Day girls at the end of the year.  My co-leader (she's been in for 4 years) has taken pictures of every activity throughout the year, trying to be sure to have individual shots and group shots of everyone there. Even the simple activities.  Then she burned them to CD's using a free slide show program  in which you can add blurbs about the activity, and it turned out wonderfully, and cost very little--but her time.  Our girls LOVED seeing themselves ... and laughed at how much they'd changed over a year.  (Comments by Leslie / Idea by Lori Jenks - ga12302007)  
 I Spy Christmas Ornaments by Ranee

 Make Holiday Cookies in a Jar
 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments (Stefani Green / ga11132006)
 Santa's Lost and Found - our individuality is a gift to us from Heavenly Father and is priceless.
 Service Project -  Essentially, families drop off their kids while they did Christmas shopping.  Set a time limit and make sure parents know what time to return.  You would supervise as the girls watch the children in the Nursery room at church.  Things to do before hand at a prior activity - Have the girls make posters to display at church in the foyer for an "early evening daycare".  Have girls plan and decide on certain activities or games they could play with the children.  You could even prepare a snack for the children to eat (make sure there are no allergies).
Symbols of Christmas Wreath by Laura Spjut

 Make these Christmas Ornaments 
 Teach the Children Story - I printed out the story (along with several others) and read it to the girls.. As we got to one of the symbols, the girls drew/colored/cut the symbol and put it in the FHE folder for Christmas.  The kits consisted of several different stories, Nativity characters (which we mounted for Flannel Boards), the Nativity card game, and ideas for songs, treats and such.  (Idea by Deb)