Lesson 1

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1. Primary 4 Lesson Cards

2. Lesson Helps from LDS.org

3. The Book of Mormon by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presentation

4. Lesson Introduction - Using magnetic refrigerator magnets find letters g, i, f, t and place them in a brown lunch sack.  Have a child pull each letter out one by one.  Most of the chalkboards are magnetic too.  Have the child put each letter on the board and see if he/she can guess what word it spells....go right to lesson.

5. Valiant Newsletter by Remy Burnham

6. Wrap a Book of Mormon with really nice wrapping paper and ribbons.  Display it on the table during the lesson.  If any of the children ask about the gift or who it's for, say something like, "this gift is a WONDERFUL gift....wow...I can't wait to show you what is inside...."  and then continue on with the lesson.  At the end of the lesson, ask the class if anyone likes to receive gifts.  Would anyone throw a wrapped present in the garbage without opening it?  Of coarse not.  Choose someone to open the gift.  Tell the class that the Book of Mormon is one of the most precious gifts Heavenly Father has given us.  We should treasure it.

7. You could bring the supplies to class to have each child make their own set of "brass plates".

8. Challenge each child to read the Book of Mormon.  Here are some Book of Mormon reading charts you could give as a handout.

9. How we got the Book of Mormon

10. I'm having my bishop come in the first 5 minutes of class to talk to the children about what a gift the Book of Mormon is and to bear his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He and I will also be handing out a wrapped Missionary edition of the Book of Mormon to each child. In the front blank page of each book I wrote the quote from President Benson found on the bookmarks at the end of the lesson.  I then asked the bishop to please write a short testimony on one of the blank pages at the end of the book and I will be encouraging the children to ask their parents and other ward leaders to also write their testimonies in the back also. I will also be handing them their knapsack with other "supplies" for a "Treasure Hunt" expedition. We will then pretty much follow the lesson as outlined and having the children mark in their new Book of  Mormon key words, scriptures, etc. as we proceed. (Idea by Sherri Croft / ga12312007)

11. Mary Zotz shares a Book of Mormon Reading Chart she made.  Mary writes, "I added color and a quote on the bottom. Reading the Book of Mormon is one of the challenges my Valiant 10 class is getting this year. We will celebrate with a lunch at Red Robin after everyone is done reading!!"  Click here to open her BOM Chart   (ga01022008)

12. You could let each child make their own scriptures (to represent the Book of Mormon) similar to these pictures:

* You can see a photo of another version of this craft by clicking here.  For each set of scriptures, you'd need: red ribbon, two mini chocolate candy bars (like Hershey Treasures or something similar), a square piece of cardstock to place scriptures on (see above picture), scotch tape and strip of paper (you can leave this blank and let the children write on them or you can print your own)."

13. I am starting my lesson as the manual says by showing them a gift-wrapped Book of Mormon, reading the quote from President Benson and then having them guess what is inside. I have wrapped the Book of Mormon 13 times with a scripture passage and question on a tag on each wrapping.  One child will unwrap a layer.  We will read the passage together and answer the question.  Then the next child will unwrap a layer, etc. until we get to the final layer and they open the Book of Mormon.  All of my passage and questions come from the lesson manual. (Idea by Melissa McOmber / ga12292011)

14. Jack writes, "This is a picture of a woooden box with a picture of the golden plates inside.  The box costs $1.00 from Michael's Craft Store. The class members (8 year olds) will each get one and I will have them cut out the picture to fit their box to take home. (CLICK HERE to see a picture of her box).  Idea shared by Jack Snyder, Evergreen Ward, Vancouver Washington Stake / ga01012012)

15. Teaching LDS Children

16. Book of Mormon coloring chart

17. Continue to learn from the Book of Mormon by Shaunte Wadley

18. Valiant Newsletter Lesson 1 by Rudy and Lyn Montes

19. Here are the files I used to tell the story of Joseph getting the plates. [File 1] [File 2] - I made a little miniature box - and it had dirt in it, with moss as grass, and in the center I put a piece of gray clay laid down to look like a box in the ground and in that box I put a small miniature picture of the book of mormon and the urim and thummin and laid a rock over the top.  The children LOVED opening the rock and seeing what was inside.  Then I explained how the Lord used the Urim and Thummim to help Joseph to translate the plates; Then I had all the questions written out on card stock with white crayon.  I brought a jar of watercolor paint and a brush and they had to paint the strip to see what the question was.  We took turns.  They loved the painting part.  I also had them write their testimony on the little bookmarks so that they could keep it in their Book of Mormon. (Shared by Holly Ferris / ga01052016)