Marla writes, "There is a WONDERFUL article in the Ensign called "Giving children a chance to serve".  So, we decided to try it.  We assigned about 7 older children to 7 younger energetic children.  It was so fun to watch the older children follow the young children to their seats and sit by them. They kept them so quiet all Primary long. The teacher appreciated it and our Primary was so reverent. We even have a child that is older that is full of life and we asked him to sit by a Sunbeam and told him to help keep her reverent.  Worked like a charm. We also had one greet all the children as they came in. He took it very serious and shook each had and welcomed them with a big smile. It was wonderful. Then we had another child in charge of turning off and on the microphone and to control the volume throughout sharing time. He also took it serious and did a great job.  Two children were assigned to pick up any garbage left behind.  We also had a child draw the scripture references on the chalk board.  There was such a neat spirit in primary, I can't believe the difference it made, I can't begin to even explain the feeling we had in there,...... it was amazing!!!  I even had some children come up to me after and ask when they were going to get a calling.  We are going to have a child help lead the music this week, as well as have one play the prelude music. We are on week 3 and it is still wonderful!!!