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Kristina writes, "I made this handout to go along with the lesson about honesty. I'm sure there are better candies you could attach, but I just used what I had around the house. I handed it out in the middle of the lesson and we read the statement (and ate the candy :)) and then they worked with partners to brainstorm a list of small lies that we tell and how they could easily turn into a "web of lies." The girls shared some great personal experiences after the brainstorming session. 

At the end of the lesson we read the quote by President Hinckley below (from the lesson) and I passed out mini heart-shaped cakes covered in pink frosting... and ended with my testimony. 

"The Lord requires his people to be honest. May we desire with all our hearts to be honest in all our relationships and in all the things that we do. God will help us if we seek the strength that comes from him. Sweet then will be our peace of mind and our lives. Blessed will be those with whom we live and associate. And God will bless and guide us with his loving care” (“We Believe in Being Honest,” Ensign, Oct. 1990, p. 5).