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Ada Brown
 Crafting is contagious!
 Emma's Place
 Green Jello with Carrots
 I will prepare now to be worthy by Kimberly Story
Little Miss Suzy Q
 My Special Spool of Thread - (Credit Unknown) You buy those small wooden spools at the craft store. It is about ¾ inch high. Then you wrap good quality white thread around it until it looks covered. The with 1/8 inch white ribbon you tie on this thought: "This white spool of thread has a very special meaning. White stands for purity and cleanliness in word, thought and deed. It is also a sacred color that is worn within the House of the Lord. This thread can be used to make my wedding dress which I'll wear to the Temple. I will strive to keep my life as clean and pure as the white on this spool of thread. To do this, I will follow the council of my Father in Heaven and obey His commandments. All of these things I will do, not only to prepare myself to enter the Temple, but to remain worthy to return back to the presence of my Heavenly Father."
 "Our Laurel advisor taught this lesson on Sunday her handout was a baggie of Vanilla wafers with a tag that said Don't 'wafer' in your decision to go to the Temple! Make it your goal & don't settle for anything less!" (Idea by Heather in Utah)
 Set your sights handout by Julie
 Steadfast and Immovable
 Temple Marriage vs. Civil Marriage by Bryanne - Worksheet to compare both types of marriages 
 Temple Stationary by Robin Lyman
Temple Triangle Handout by Michelle Steineckert
 The Red Head Hostess
 This handout will take more effort, but would be a very special treasure.  Print out a picture of your local temple.  Click here to print a picture from the Church's website.  Find the one you want. Then go to media information. There should be a listing of photos. These are all high resolution photos, so they can be printed at a larger format.  Then take pictures of your young women and put it in back of the picture of the temple and frame.  You can either go to your girls' house and take a snapshot and then develop them in the desired size OR you can ask the parents if they have an extra ___ (size) photo of their daughter that you could have.  Print the temple on either vellum (found at scrapbook stores) or transparancy paper (found at teacher supply stores or online).  
 When I was in Young Women's we had a lesson about Temple Marriage, and the handout was a white handkerchief- each one was different with bows or beads.  They reminded us to stay as clean as the handkerchief so that we could marry in the temple. (Idea by Connie Pender / ga05192008)
 White Hanky Card

 Bring some elegant scrapbook paper and envelopes and have the girls write a letter to their future husbands.  Challenge them to strive to be all that they are looking for in their future companion.  (Idea adapted from "Making the Most of Mutual,” New Era, Sept. 2003, 28).
Class wedding shower by LeNell Heywood
 Don't throw it all away by Shannon Clarke
Lesson Helps from Debanae
 Lesson Helps from Young Women Connection 
 One of my religion professors in college said something that I've never forgotten. Each semester he always had students with unique family situations that would talk to him about where they would end up.  Like if my parents got divorced civilly, but not in the temple or I had adopted parents or I was sealed to my step dad, but my real dad turned his life around and went back to the temple.  His answer: "Who cares? (He said it tongue in cheek.) The ONLY relationship that will truly matter to you is the one you have with your own spouse. That is the only relationship you have true control over." It's not to say that our own parents and families are not important and that we shouldn't try with all our hearts and souls to get them to the temple. But if we ourselves do not marry in the temple if given the opportunity, we cannot attain full celestial glory. (Credit Unknown)
 You could ask the girls what they want in a husband. Make a huge list so they can see. When they are finished turn it around and say "Hey, if that is what you expect in a husband, it's exactly what your husband is going to expect from you as his wife." We did this with our girls and it had a huge impact on them. (Idea by Questie)

PERSONAL PROGRESS HELPS:  These Personal Progress Goals pertain to the lesson.  You could encourage the girls to work on one of these goals in the coming week.

 Choice and Accountability 6, Faith 6, Individual Worth 2, Choice and Accountability 2, Choice and Accountability 3.
 Companion Cards by Lesson 18 by Robin Lyman


 Lesson 18 Handout from Jack and Jill of *many* trades


 The Temple Going Type by Tamara Leatham Bailey - Consider using this story with the first three questions in the lesson.