(Image of wreath used courtesy of Melinda Beachell)



If you create something for 2011 and you'd like to share, e-mail me the file(s) along with a description
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13th Article of Faith Dodgeball
Discover your theme by Bianca Merkley
Roller Skating - Seeking after these things by Valerie Lee


13th Article of Faith Binder Cover by Nicole Funderburk
2011 Binder Cover by Mynnette Kitchen
2011 Front/Back Binder Covers by Mynnette Kitchen
2011 Mutual Theme by Robin Lyman
2011 YW Binder Covers by Carolynn Hale
2011 Mutual Theme Binder Covers / Printable by Amy Gregson
2011 YW/YM Binder Cover by Tammie Balls
Jill Garrison's binder covers
We Believe - Class Presidency Binder Covers by Kristyn Merkley
Young Women 2011 by Liesl Buskirk

BIRTHDAY IDEAS (Gift ideas for 2011):

13th Article of Faith Chapstick by Ali Miller
2011 Scrabble Necklaces by Angela Casperson
Birthday Charms by Heather Flater
Candy Bar Wrapper by Kristyn Merkley
Photo Blocks by Catherine Taylor


2011 Mutual Bookmarks by Dina
2011 Mutual Theme - Magnetic Bookmark by Daisie Dance
Bookmark from Crafting is contagious!
Jill Garrison bookmark
The 13th Article of Faith Bookmark by Kassie Garlock
We believe..... bookmarks by Audra Jensen
We believe...we seek after (bookmarks) by Gaylene


2011 Blank Calendars (in English and Spanish)
Free 2011 Yearly Planner by The Household Planner
Young Women (or men) activity planning calendar


2011 Mutual Theme Candy Bar Wrapper by Kristyn Merkley
Candy Bar Wrapper "We Believe"


2011 YW Theme Printable and Craft Tutorial
Believe Necklace Tutorial
Subway Art for 2011 Mutual Theme by Melinda Beachell
Theme Blocks


13th Article of Faith Sudoku


A sister did a really fun devotional at girls camp about the 13th AOF. She had paper bags on a table and would call girls up to pick one. They opened it and there was some misc. item in it that went along with each of the virtues from the AOF (I.e. A fly swatter to swat away all the unvirtuous thoughts that creep into our minds). Then she told a story or read a quote, etc. that went with each. She was really funny and kept the girls attention, but was also able to bring the Spirit with each thing. It lasted 90 minutes, but the girls and leaders loved it. (Idea shared by April Stout)
Daughter's of Noble Birthright
Survive in this Wild World at Camp Tippicanoe by Diane Stumpf - although this idea was used for New Beginnings, it could be adapted for camp
We seek after these things... by Rachael Cochran
Live like you believe - Pueblo Stake used this theme for their 2009 Girl's Camp; however, it would work well with this year's mutual theme.  Here is a brief video clip of their experience (The song used in this video clip is called "Live like you believe" by Jenny Phillips.  It can be purchased here):


13th Article of Faith Cupcake Toppers by Liz Sommerkorn
2011 Mutual Poster by Amy Gregson
2011 Mutual Poster in various sizes by Andi Gooch
Breaking down the theme.... by Stephanie Thomas
Chapstick Covers by Lorene Clark
Printable from LDS Handouts
Printable from Under My Umbrella (modge podge printable to wood block)
Scripture Hero Booklet
We believe printable by Shannon Foster


How are you going to introduce the 2011 Mutual Theme? - Add your ideas
We're just getting started on this but we're thinking "we seek after these things" for the theme for the whole year, focusing on seeking to go to the temple but also seeking knowledge, faith, good friends, good language, etc.  So for camp, we want to "seek after these things" and use a pirate theme. jewels/values of different colors, different ships - friend"ship", leader"ship", disciple"ship", etc. the pirate part is for cuteness. The Laurels liked that idea.  (Idea by Cheri Haggard)


2011 Manual 3 Lesson Schedule by Cheri Goldscheitter
2011 Monthly Themes and Lessons by Denise Knight
Manual 3 Lesson Helps
YW Teaching Schedule for 2011


We Believe by Hillary Abplanalp - free download
We believe by Lindy Kerby


Hats of Value by Melissa McOmber
Lovely New Beginnings
Lucky #13 by Shannon Sorensen
New Beginnings Idea
New Beginnings 2011 (Stripling Warrior Theme) by Heather Flater
New Beginnings 2011 Invitation by Liz Horton
Remarkable Women of History by Megan Williams
Seek the sweet
Survive in this Wild World at Camp Tippicanoe by Diane Stumpf


13th Article of Faith Journal Pamphlet
Printable from A Little Tipsy
We Believe Jars by Denise Knight


2011 Mutual Poster in various sizes by Andi Gooch
2011 YW Poster or Binder Cover by Laurie Terry
Believe, Hope, Endure
We believe - poster by Courtney Davis
We believe - poster by Jennifer Foxley Wiberg


2011 Mutual Poster by Amy Gregson
Mutual Theme Printable by Cheri (off-site)
We Believe 4x4 printable by Mandy Williams


2011 YW Theme Zipper Pull
A+ Engraving Gift Items
Bottlecap Pendants
Charmed Pennies (necklaces)
Charming LDS Gifts 2011 Mutual Charm
Chunky Monkey Creations
KMC Photography
Kelly Annie's 2011 products
LDS YW products
Little Keepsakes Studio
Mutual Theme Kit
Real Hero Poster
Sprinkle Sunshine
Vintage Style Charm Necklace

We seek after these things ($6 craft)
Young Women with a kick by Sicily


13 Artículo de Fe by Delmy
2011 Mutual Bookmark in Spanish by Yazmin Ojeda
Lema de Mutual 2011 by Delmy
Spanish 4 x 6 printable of 2011 Mutual Theme by Stacia Chavez


Mutual Insanity - 2011 YW Excellence Idea
You could adapt this 2011 New Beginnings invitation for YWIE