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Apple Stem Handout by Amy Grabenstein
Crafting is contagious!
Emma's Place
Green Jello with Carrots
Heritage Handout by Jessica Feth
Heritage Handout / Quote by Mari Panis
I bought a pack of colored elastic ponytails and will attach them to a print out of the saying: "Hair"-itage.  It's who you are and what you'll leave behind. Don't let it DYE out or WASH away because it's a STYLE that's all your own! (by Brigitte / ga05292008)
Inkablinka - What kind of ancestory will I be?
Red Head Hostess
Steadfast and Immovable
Storytime Handouts


Heritage Matching Game by Emily Simmons
Lesson Helps from Debanae
Lesson Helps from Young Women Connection
Marta writes, "I recently had a YW share her favorite song on this topic: "What Have I Done with His Name" by Kenneth Cope. You can listen to a portion online or download it here for a dollar. She said that her family had performed this song, and changed the "His" to "her" as she was named after her Grandmother. However, it is powerful as His as ultimately we have accepted His (Christ's) name. Powerful either way!"

PERSONAL PROGRESS HELPS: These Personal Progress Goals pertain to the lesson.  You could encourage the girls to work on one of these goals in the coming week.

Companion Cards for Lesson 19 by Robin Lyman
Individual Worth 5, Faith 2, Divine Nature 2, Individual Worth 2, Choice and Accountability 2, Good Works 4, Good Works 5, Integrity 4.


Lesson 19 Handout from Jack and Jill of *many* trades


A Heritage of Royal Families by Royden G. Derrick
Faith of our Fathers from the April 2008 General Conference