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 Crafting is contagious!
 I got water bottles and attached a tag with the four keys to practice steady obedience. (From the talk by Pres. Eyring). On the head of the tag I typed "Be Prepared! Practice Steady Obedience."  (Credit Unknown)
 If ye love me, keep my commandments by Mari Panis
Latter-Day Chatter
Little Miss Suzy Q
 Mousetrap Handout by Tracy Fronk
 Obedience Bookmark by Priscilla Westover
Steadfast and Immovable
You could give out "fireballs" (or something similar) and with a note attached saying, "You may be constantly under 'fire'....however, you are most 'cool' when you stay true to yourself and your values."


 I am going to talk about how a baby will go up to a book case and take everything and throw it on the floor. The second you pick it up, they go back and do the same thing. The reason they do this is because they are fascinated by the law of gravity. They are just learning that every time they grab something and let go, it falls to the floor, instead of staying in place, or even floating to the ceiling.  Just like babies are learning the laws of gravity, we are learning the laws of God. And just like the laws of Gravity, our obedience to God's Laws are just as much a cause and effect consequence as pulling books off of a shelf and having them fall to the floor. When we obey, we are happy and we are blessed. When we disobey, we are unhappy and we miss out on HUGE amounts of blessings. (Idea by Misty Lambert / ga07012008)
Lesson Helps from Debanae
 Lesson Helps from Mormon Share
 Lesson Helps from Young Women Connection 
 Rosie's Walk
The 1st counselor in our YW presidency taught this lesson on Sunday.  She incorporated the "For the Strength of Youth" (FTSOTY) and the blessings the YW will receive if they will follow its counsel.  She printed off each topic of the FTSOTY and gave one to each YW.  She had them read over it silently and then had them find and circle the blessings they will receive if they follow that commandment.  They then had to share their commandment and blessings with the rest of the class. (Idea by Christine McMasters / ga07062011)


Bending the Rules
Take Hold Before You Reach Out


 Floating Needle
 You will need 1 marble, 1 large plate and 1 large bowl.  Place the marble on the plate and rotate the plate in a circular motion.  Slowly increase the speed of the rotation and attempt to keep the marble on the plate.  This will become increasingly hard and the marble will eventually careen off the plate.  Now place the marble in the bowl and rotate the bowl in a circular motion.  Slowly increase the speed of the rotation while keeping the marble in the bowl.  The sides of the bowl permit you to increase the speed of the marble without losing control.  The plate does not have boundaries.  However, without boundaries we, like the marble, may spin out of control.  God's commandments are like the sides of the bowl.  At first glance they appear to be barriers.  However, they act as guides that keep us safe and permit us to move more freely through our lives.


 Spiritual Vertigo - Obeying the commandments can help us to fly higher.


Companion Cards for Lesson 25 by Robin Lyman


Lesson 25 Handout from Jack and Jill of *many* trades


 God's Embroidery
 Pushing against the rock
 The Kite by Mari Panis

VIDEO CLIPS: (Check the church library for the following videos)

"Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve." - (Video Clip 8)  An Arabian stallion's obedience is tested in a time of hunger and thirst. (Lesson 18.) 5:35 min.
"The Consequences of Our choices" Family Home Evening Video Supplement 1