Junior Primary handout - [pdf] [Word]

Senior Primary handout - [pdf] [Word]

Number of pages in file - 4

Megan writes, "I'm having the children act out the Good Samaritan. Then I'm going to hand out a booklet (see file above). I have one for junior primary and one for senior primary. These are printed booklet style, which means that it is one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, folded in half, to make 4 pages. The picture on the front cover is color, but I am just going to print it black and white. If you need help figuring out how to print, you can email me at megan@buhlerfamily.org.

The second page on the junior primary booklet is mostly empty - that is because I will staple a sheet of smiley face stickers to it. 

Also we send out an email every month to our parents. I am including this: "We will be learning about service during sharing time this month in Primary and we need your help. First, we would like a photo of your child performing service for a family member. Please email to megan@buhlerfamily.org by November 14. If you can get a picture of your child setting the table, doing dishes, sharing/playing with a sibling, etc. that would be ideal. Also, on November 7, we will ask the children to perform service during the week and report on their service on November 14. The Junior Primary will be given smiley face stickers and asked to perform service throughout the week and leave a smiley face sticker behind after serving. The Senior Primary will be asked to plan and carry out a service project for a family member or neighbor. This will meet one of their Faith in God requirements. All of the Primary kids will be learning about The Good Samaritan. You could have them tell you the story for Family Home Evening this month. Thanks so much for your help!"