A years worth of planning - organizing your activities for the year
Annual Auxiliary Training: Young Women
7 keys to being a successful leader  
Budget Planner for the Year - Helping you budget your funds.
Budget Planner (Credit Unknown - transferred from lds-yw files)
Calling Request Form - This form is used to call new teachers to Young Women's.  Just give this form to the bishop so he can review their responsibilities with them. 
Class Presidencies (from the Church's Website)
Expense Voucher
Here's an idea I've used in every organization where I've served, whenever I have a presidency meeting. I print out the agenda with the items that need to be discussed so we know how to divide our time and then at the bottom of the paper I write "ACTION ITEMS" where everyone can write down what they specifically need to do after the meeting. That way they'll remember details and what their stewardship is. It also helps to divide labor and help account for what happened at the meeting next time you get together. (Trina Boice)
 Opening Exercises on Sunday
People, not programs by Maryanne Snell - great idea for a Young Women Mailbox
Welcome to our class - Kit you can give the girls advancing into your class. 
Welcome to Young Women's from July 2006 Friend
Young Women Supplies - Purchase YW Supplies directly from the Distribution Center online. 
Young Women Tracking Forms
Youth Leadership Training Outline - (Credit Unknown) transferred from lds-yw files