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Catherine writes, "This is a photo I took and created for the new theme.  We plan to first glue the photo onto pieces of routered and painted wood, then cover  the photo and frame with mod podge.  We are going to give these to our yw for a bday gift this year."

* Many of you have asked for the word overlay.  Catherine has just shared that (click here for .png) (click here for .jpg); however she also said, "You would need Photoshop capabilities to overlay it on to your own temple photo.  It might not work with others depending on where their temple is in their photo.  If you want to e-mail me a picture of the temple you want to use (5X7), I can easily make one up for you and e-mail it back."  (

* Sue Nielsen writes, "Catherine Taylor was GRACIOUS enough to create a poster with her overlay on a picture I took of the Draper Temple.  Here is the photo if anyone else would like to use it." 

UPDATE: Catherine writes, "I am running into a problem with this.  Most people are just sending me a picture of their temple that they have downloaded off of the internet from someone else.  I could have some serious copyright violations when I add to other people's professional photos.  Sorry.  I am more than willing to do this, but I need you to go and take your own picture of the temple that you want done.  Take a few if you want from different angles.  Then email it to me (in jpg form) and I will add the 13th A of F overlay and email it back to you.  OR if you can get permission from the original photographer, I can add the overlay to these other "professional" pics.  But it is probably easier to go take your own photo of the Temple.  Early morning, late afternoon, or an overcast day would be the best situation for taking a photo.  Sorry, I know that might not be convenient for you, but I don't want to get in trouble with copyright violations.  I hope you understand.  Send me your own picture (in color would look best) and I'll make one for you."