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Denise writes, "I know someone did this one year and I loved it.  I have not seen it this year, but needed to put my lesson schedule together so worked on it and wanted to share if anyone was interested.  (I am YW President).  I have attached a copy of this.  We are using the theme "We believe" for the year, adding on "being anxiously engaged" where it fit in nicely from Sister Dalton's counsel.  The 13th article of faith with the values worked well together also. 

For this year, our idea to focus on the theme is to have a small jar or container for each girl that we will keep in our church closet and bring out each week.  The jar/container will have the words "We Believe".  Each week the girls will be given a slip of paper to write what they learned that Sunday that they believe in.  At the end of the year we will have a book made of their own personal belief's they learned throughout this year.  Since last year we worked on being strong and courageous against all the evils of the world, this year we are working on a more positive outlook with what they believe and what they can show the world."