Lesson 11

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1. Primary 4 Lesson Cards

2. One player leaves the room while the others select something he is to do, such as standing on a chair, opening a window, or going to a certain corner of the room. He is not allowed to ask questions. When he is close to or nearly attempting the stunt the whole group loudly sings “Do What is Right,” when he is not on track they sing the song softly. They modulate the volume according to his closeness to the required action. When he actually does the desired act he chooses someone else to be the next one to leave the room.  When we are in tune with the Spirit, as Abinadi was, we can be guided to the best course of action. (Idea from Deseret Book's Website, Alma Heaton, The LDS Game Book, [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1968], p. 46.)

3. Abinadi and King Noah (Clipart with story from Book of Mormon Reader)

alt4. Draw these pictures (or something similar) of Abinadi and King Noah on the chalkboard.  Ask the class what they think Abinadi was like.  Write their answers on the board under Abinadi's name.  Then ask the class what they think King Noah was like.  Write their responses under King Noah's name.  Ask everyone how they feel about these two men and why.

5. Object Lesson - Take a round balloon, inflate it, and write the word "sin" on it with a marker. Deflate the balloon. Show the class the balloon, and while you are explaining that "little sins grow bigger", begin to demonstrate this by slowly inflating the balloon. Ask the class what will happen if you continue to blow up the balloon??  It will explode - a reminder that sin is very destructive.  Abinadi tried to warn King Noah, but he chose not to listen to him.

6. God delivers Alma and the church and Abinidi gives his all for God

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8. Power Point Presentation by Ericka Covalt

9. Valiant Newsletter by Ericka Covalt

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11. First we talked about King Benjamin (a little review) and about how his people were prosperous when he was the king because they followed the commandments and worked together. Then we played that team building game where they get into a circle and take the hands of two different people that are not next to you. Once you they have grabbed two hands each they have to work together to get into a circle again without anyone letting go. My 9 year olds figured it out pretty well. Next we handed them some money from a game and told them that they were prosperous because they worked together and found the right way to untangle themselves - this is like King Benjamin's people. We then had them play the same game but this time with blindfolds. (We toyed with the idea of having someone be Noah and tell them what to do but did not end up doing that). They struggled a lot more and while they were blindfolded we stole all their money back as a tax. We talked about how this is what it would have been like with Noah as King. it was fun and I think the children got the message. (Shared by Amanda Ashton / ga03162016)

12. Valiant 4  Newsletter Lesson 11 by Rudy and Lyn Montes