Amy writes, "This is my plan for Sr. Primary."

Part 1

Ask:  What are some things you do that have an order to them?  (tying a shoe, getting ready for bed)

"In the scriptures, we learn that Jesus created the earth for us in a certain order.  Go to Moses 2 in the Pearl of Great Price.  On this sheet, find out what was created each day.  Write or draw the answer in each box.  You can work together."

Pass out pencils/worksheets [pdf].  Give them time to work.  Then discuss what they wrote for each day.  Have them turn over their paper to see if they can remember what was created each day.  Give them a minute to try this.

Part 2

Charades.  Choose one child at a time to come up to try to get the other children to say their creation with only actions.