New Beginnings Program Outline - [pdf] [Word]
Value Presentation Outline - [pdf] [Word]
Program Outline - [Word

Heather writes, "We had a very successful New Beginnings program last night.  I wanted to share our theme and ideas.  Our theme was the 2000 stripling warriors.  We decorated with pink and purple balloons, streamers, tableclothes, etc. to make it a young women warrior theme.  We had a "Then and Now" table with a picture of Helaman (Real Hero Poster) then the 1st presidency, a picture of the 2000 stripling warriors then pictures of our young women, and gold plates then the Book of Mormon.  We had costume armor on the front table with two Real Hero posters. We had pink and purple sugar cookies, dipped pretzels and lemon water for our refreshments. We also hung shield cutouts, with scriptures from the 2000 stripling warrior story, throughout the room. Our handouts were shields and swords from Oriental trading.  My wonderful MiaMaid advisor spray painted all of them with purple, pink and silver and the young women logo.  They looked awesome!!  We had each girl hold a shield (from Oriental Trading) with the value color for our young women's theme presentation.  Each girl wore the color of the value they were presenting.  Please see the attachments for the value presentation and new beginnings program outline for further details.  Enjoy!!"