Elise writes, "My husband and I were asked to speak at our Stake Priest/Laurel Fireside on dating.  We came up with this idea of using different sweets to offer an object lesson regarding dating.  Here is what we did...

We set up 5 tables.  At the 1st table there was a yummy looking cupcake.  I had a volunteer come up to sample it for me.  He took a big bite and ran out of the room.  It was a little deceiving because it tasted awful!  The lesson?  Don't be so concerned with superficial things.  You want to find someone to date who exemplifies Christ, and in order to find that person, you need to make sure you are Christlike yourself.

At the 2nd table I had a beautiful chocolate cake.  I had two young men come up and I gave them each a plate and a fork.  I carefully and skillfully cut the 1st slice and gently placed it on the first young man's plate.  I asked him if it looked good and he agreed.  I then had him sit down to enjoy it.  Then I grabbed the cake server and started to cut the 2nd piece.  Just as soon as I started to cut I put down the server and went in with my hand and grabbed a handful of cake and then slopped it onto the 2nd young mans plate.  I asked him if he still wanted to eat it.  He thought he would give it a try, but then I mentioned I couldn't remember if I had washed my hands after my baby's last poopie diaper change.  That helped him to decide and he promptly put the cake down.  The lesson?  Respect your body as a gift from God and make sure your appearance reflects who you are inside.

At the 3rd table I had 2 lbs of assorted See's chocolates.  I passed them around the room and had each teen take one.  Then we talked about how we may not know our favorite chocolate until we try it so we need to try an assortment to find the best for us... just like dating.  I referred back to Elder Oak's talk about "Good, Better and Best".  It was funny because a few more ideas came out as we discussed it, like how you need to choose early or there aren't many to chose from.

At the 4th table I had a box of donuts.  I admitted that I accidentally left them outside overnight, but that they should still be good.  Then opened the box and acted surprised to find what looked like mouse droppings... (really I had just sculpted them out of chocolate power bar).  I showed the donuts to the kids, and took one out that didn't have any droppings on it.  I offered it to a young man but he refused.  The lesson?  What kinds of activities do we engage in?  Even if we aren't participating, if we are there when bad choices are being made, we are being 'contaminiated'.  We talked about 'Stand Ye In Holy Places'...

At the 5th table I had 3 cookies.  I invited 3 volunteers to try them.  The 1st volunteer admitted that the cookie wasn't right.  It was definitely not a chocolate chip cookie.  The 2nd volunteer had to think about it but decided that it wasn't a chocolate chip cookie either.  The 3rd volunteer got the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  I explained how the 1st cookie was missing a few ingredients.  I tried to be creative while baking... The 2nd cookie had everything except one ingredient, but it still wasn't right.  I explained how the gospel has given us the recipe for eternal marriage.  We need to follow that recipe if we seek that outcome. Even if we substitute or leave out just one ingredient, we are not guaranteed an eternal marriage.  We discussed repentance as well, as a way to correct the recipe if we are currently struggling to follow the recipe.

We then bore our testimonies and I gave the youth a recipe card handout

It was so fun to be able to come up with everything together, with James... and I think it went over well with the teenagers.  After all, if you incorporate food... at least you know the young men will like it!"