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Barb writes, "I was feeling prompted that my girls needed a really good lesson on Patriarchal Blessings because we had a Sunday lesson a month or so ago that touched on Patriarchal Blessings and some of my girls didn’t even know what a Patriarchal Blessing was much less how/why to get one.  So I found a Patriarchal Blessing object lesson here that was “credit unknown” so I felt it would be okay to expound on the object lesson and turn it into a Scavenger Hunt Mutual Activity. 

I feel that the Scavenger Hunt/lesson was very successful and that the girls enjoyed it so I wanted other Young Women’s leaders to have access to it so that they can use it too.  All Young Women need to realize the importance of receiving their own Patriarchal Blessings and I hope that this can help them to do so."