Lesson 27

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1. Primary 4 Lesson Cards

2. Helaman and the Two Thousand Young Men of Faith

alt3. Draw the following on the chalkboard.  Help the class understand that the Nephites lived in one part of the land and the Lamanites lived in another part.  They fought many wars.  Have the class tell how they think the Lamanites took cities away from the Nephites.  Darken some of the flags on the cities to show that the Lamintes took them away from the Nephites.  Heavenly Father helped Helaman and these young men defend their lives, families and liberties because of their faith. 

4. Make and decorate vests out of paper bags like the Stripling Warriors

5. Stripling Warriors Game

6. (Story) Stripling Warriors - It's about some children who dressed up like the stripling warriors for Halloween and then put on their costumes the next morning and cleaned up the neighborhood. It's a great story about children doing missionary work and service, applying the scriptures to them, honoring their parents, etc.

7. (Object Lesson)  For this object lesson you'll need a piece of paper, crayon and two leaves.  Place the leaf underneath the paper and ask a class member to come up and rub over it with the side of the crayon.  The image of the leaf will appear on the paper.  The parents of the Stripling Warriors were examples to their sons and they in turn are examples to us.  Our good example can "rub off" on others and influence them to do good.  Ask the class, "How are the leaf and the rubbing alike?"  Then ask, "Can a bad example "rub off" on others too?"  Demonstrate this by tearing away part of another leaf and doing another rubbing.  Hold up both pictures and say, "Each rubbing copies exactly the leaf that was used.  Challenge your class to be good examples to those around them.

8. Power Point Presentation by David Hill

9. Teaching LDS Children

10. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson

11. Help from LDS.org

12. Valiant 4  Newsletter Lesson 27 by Rudy and Lyn Montes and posters by Lyn Montes