I hope these lesson helps are informative.  However, they are just suggestions and in no way meant to replace the lesson manual.  Rather, my intent is to give you extra ideas in case your lesson runs short or to help add to your lesson.  Only you have the inspiration needed to fulfill your calling.  Most of the following suggestions come from, or are adapted from, the Friend Magazine, Primary Manuals, FHE Manuals or from people that submit to my site.  May you be blessed in your efforts to teach the children about our Savior and His gospel.   If you have something that you've prepared and you would like to share it with all of us, feel free to e-mail me at melanie@sugardoodle.net - Please make sure to include which lesson it goes with in your e-mail.  Thanks!

Lesson 1: Happiness Comes from Choosing the Right
Lesson 2: I Can Choose the Right
Lesson 3: I Am a Child of God
Lesson 4: I Chose to Follow Jesus Christ
Lesson 5: I Can Make Right Choices
Lesson 6: We Have Special Families
Lesson 7: The Birth of Jesus Christ Brought Joy to the Earth
Lesson 8: Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
Lesson 9: Jesus Christ Was a Child like Me 
Lesson 10: I Can Speak with Heavenly Father in Prayer 
Lesson 11: I Can Tell Others about Jesus Christ  
Lesson 12: I Can Prepare for Baptism   
Lesson 13: The Gift of the Holy Ghost Can Help Me  
Lesson 14: Dare to Choose the Right   
Lesson 15: Come, Follow Me   
Lesson 16: Jesus Christ Has the Power to Heal  
Lesson 17: The Priesthood Helps Me 
Lesson 18: Prayers Are Answered in the Best Way   
Lesson 19: Jesus Christ Loves Me  
Lesson 20: The Teachings of Jesus Christ Are a Great Treasure  
Lesson 21: I Can Be Reverent
Lesson 22: Blessed Are the Peacemakers   
Lesson 23: Jesus Christ Is the Good Shepherd   
Lesson 24: I Can Show Gratitude   
Lesson 25: Remember to Say “Thank You”  
Lesson 26: Choosing the Right Gives Me a Happy Feeling   
Lesson 27: I Can Help Others Be Happy by Sharing   
Lesson 28: I Can Be Kind   
Lesson 29: I Can Be a Good Example  
Lesson 30: I Can Be Obedient  
Lesson 31: I Will Obey the Law  
Lesson 32: Love One Another  
Lesson 33: I Can Pay Tithing   
Lesson 34: Always Tell the Truth   
Lesson 35: I Have Talents  
Lesson 36: I Am Wise When I Choose the Right   
Lesson 37: I Can Keep the Sabbath Day Holy  
Lesson 38: I Will Remember Jesus Christ during the Sacrament   
Lesson 39: I Can Follow Jesus Christ by Serving Others   
Lesson 40: I Can Forgive Others   
Lesson 41: Jesus Christ Is Our Savior  
Lesson 42: The Church of Jesus Christ Is on the Earth   
Lesson 43: Jesus Christ Will Come Again  
Lesson 44: I Can Show Love for Animals   
Lesson 45: We Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter)   
Lesson 46: Jesus Christ Is the Greatest Gift (Christmas)


- Choose the Right Gameboard by Michelle Barton

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