alt Hymn Hunt - Divide the group into two teams. Give a hymnal to each group. The first team to find the answer to the question raises their hymnal into the air (with their finger in the book, marking the place).

1. What is the purpose of the hymnal? (See the statement in it by the First Presidency, preface.)
2. How would you lead/conduct "Called to Serve"? (Locate the hymn number in the alphabetical title index, read the time signature at the beginning of the hymn, then turn to "How to Use the Hymnbook" and find the correct beat pattern.)
3. Name two songs about missionary work. (See the topical index under "Missionary.")
4. Look up the scripture references given for "The Spirit of God." (See the lower right-hand corner of the hymn page.)
5. Name three hymns by the same composer. (See the composer/author index.)
6. About when was "Prayer of Thanksgiving" written? (See the lower left-hand corner of the hymn page.)
7. Hum the introduction for "I am a Child of God." (Follow the brackets at the beginning and end of the song.)


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