Theme: With a cherry on top

Drink/Beverage: Cherry 7 Up

Games / Includes Dessert

Invitation: Click here to see invitation idea.

Eat the Cherry First: The Cherry Game is a race to see who can eat a cherry first out of a bowl without their hands.  After you find out who likes to eat cherries have them sit down and place a bowl in front of each person.  Next place a cherry in each bowl.  Just when they think that the race will begin, surprise them by adding a heavy dollop of whip cream on top of the cherry.  Now each player must place their hands behind their backs.  When everyone is ready, yell go!  The first person to find and eat the cherry in the whip cream, is the winner.  make sure you have plenty of film around because there will be many picture oppertunities while the competition is under way.  You can give out a prize if you want to but it is not necessary.

Pin the Cherry on the Sundae: You'll need a picture of an ice cream sundae without a cherry and a paper cherry for each person playing. Each person tries to get the cherry on the very top of the sundae while blindfolded.

Ice Cream Sundaes:In this game you roll a die and build real ice cream sundaes to eat!  To make a die: Use a plain wooden block from a craft store. With a permanent marker, print instructions 1-6 on all sides (Or use a regular die and just print out instructions 1-6 on a piece of paper for all to see.) If you roll a 6, you follow the directions for number 6.

Print on all sides of block:

1-Put a cherry on top

2-Add some chocolate syrup

3-All pass bowl to the left

4-Pick the sundae you want

5-Put whipped cream on top

6-Add one topping you like

Each person starts out with a bowl of ice cream.

Set a timer for 3 to 5 minutes (play quickly as ice cream tends to melt).

Take turns rolling the die and following the directions. When time is up, the bowl in front of you is yours to eat."