Kristen writes, "I had a former model come in to a group of young girls in our ward and she had a stack of pictures of women she had clipped from a magazine. Some were modest, others were not. She flipped through the stack and asked the girls what they noticed about the women in each picture....usually on the modest ones, they would say her beautiful face, eyes, great smile, nice clothes, awesome hair, etc. Those who had on immodest clothes, they immediately noticed her belly, breasts, behind, etc. It was a great way to show them what dressing immodestly doesn't bring attention to YOU, only to your revealed parts. I would  even go a step further after that point is made, to ask them how they feel as they look at each picture. They don't have to respond to each one, but when you are done flipping through the pictures again, go over some general feelings you get from modest/immodest pictures. Which feelings would they like to give off?

I have also opened up a modesty lesson with pictures of the temple, and going over the feelings we have for that place. Then putting up a picture of a casino and talking about the feelings associated with that place. It is easy then to segway into a talk about how you feel about your you treat/dress it like a temple or a casino. What reaction are you going for?? 

Going over some practical ideas, like holding your shirt to your chest when you bend over, crossing your legs when sitting down, placing a purse or book on your lap if you are caught a little "short," and layering basics are all helpful.  Review the standards in the "For Strength of Youth." All these ideas have worked great in combination for me in the past. I opened the lesson with the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" to warm up and they thought it was just fun.  I closed the lesson with the same activitiy, but with the additional guides as to how to check if your clothing is modest in this way....they really got the point, and loved it as well. I have taught this lesson several times, in several wards, and it was always well received. I even made a quick Power Point of, temple, pictures of girls, FSOY standards, etc. Makes it easier to follow without a script. You could make it appropriate to your group, highlighting trends that are worrisome to you without singling any one girl out."