Lesson 30

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. REVIEW IDEA - Explain that Nephi was a great example of obedience.  He didn't always have the answers, but he knew where to go to get them.  With Heavenly Father's help, he built a boat and sailed to the promised land with his family. 

Draw a similar boat on the chalk board.  Ask the children questions that review the lesson.  As they get them correct, they can fill in part of the dot-to-dot.  Once it is complete, share your testimony that obedience brings blessings. 

4. Make Origami boats.  Have them draw Nephi's family on their boats.

5. (Handout idea) You could give out "fireballs" and with a note attached saying, "You may be constantly under 'fire'....however, you are most 'cool' when you stay true to yourself and your values."

6. Obedience Brings Blessings

7. I can gain a testimony by being obedient (coloring page)

8. Object Lesson - You will need 1 marble, 1 large plate and 1 large bowl.  Place the marble on the plate and rotate the plate in a circular motion.  Slowly increase the speed of the rotation and attempt to keep the marble on the plate.  This will become increasingly hard and the marble will eventually careen off the plate.  Now place the marble in the bowl and rotate the bowl in a circular motion.  Slowly increase the speed of the rotation while keeping the marble in the bowl.  The sides of the bowl permit you to increase the speed of the marble without losing control.  The plate does not have boundaries.  However, without boundaries we, like the marble, may spin out of control.  God's commandments are like the sides of the bowl.  At first glance they appear to be barriers.  However, they act as guides that keep us safe and permit us to move more freely through our lives.

9. Mormon Message - The Sting of the Scorpion

10. Handout submitted by Melissa Dillon

11. You could play Simon Says....it is a game of obedience.  You could even change it to "Sister/Brother (your name) says..."  I've also heard of playing Silent Simon Says.  It's like Simon says except if you TELL them to do something (like sit down, or clap your hands, etc.) then they are not suppose to follow, but if you make a silent motion they are suppose to follow. So if I say "stand" they don't move, but if I give the motion to stand they do, etc.

12. Obedience story about Wilford Woodruff
- I took a 2 page story about Wilford Woodruff learning a painful lesson about obedience and converted it to a 7 page story, with 1 picture per page. I didn't actually have the magazine to scan, so the pictures came from the Church web site. They are too grainy to do full size pages, so I used half size instead (8.5" x 5.5"). After you print the story, you cut the papers in half.  (Idea by Jennie C./ ga01222007)

13. I couldn’t figure out written clues for the treasure hunt (one of the enrichment activities in the manual) and I wanted to do it outside because my classroom is the size of a shoe box, so I took pictures of different scenes around the building and moved from scene to scene.  I had a treat for the children when we got back to the classroom (the last picture they found was a picture of our door).  The children had a lot of fun running around looking for clues (I hid the clues at each of the scenes).  (Idea by Michelle Fahrney / ga09062010)

14. Natalie Hill shares some lesson helps from the Friend Magazine 

15. Noah was obedient by Shauna in California

16. I can obey badges by Ashley Crummett

17. I can be obedient badges by Chelsea Markham

18. Obedient Others.... by Shelley Nash

19. Happy Clean Living

20. Enrichment Activity 3 by Heather Nuffer

21. Laughing and Losing It

22. I can be Obedient by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

23. Treasure Hunt Cards for Enrichment Activity by Jaimi Samson

24. I can obey - badges by Alaina Ferguson