This activity can be both for the Young Women and Young Men.  Make a nice dinner and invite the graduate and close family.  Each graduate would choose who "roast them."  This could be parents, grandparents, leaders, siblings, etc.  After dinner is finished the "roasting" begins.  Each senior is spotlighted (some "roasters" even bring visual aids like pictures, slide shows, and/or family videos) pointing out good qualities, traits, silly and fun stories.  Give each one a time limit (depending on how many seniors you have).  You can make many fun table decorations like diploma treats, cash confetti, or graduation hats decorated by each senior that describes them.
We used to get a baby picture of each senior and who ever got the most correct got a prize. We've also had a parent write a letter about the senior that was read during a DVD presentation.  (Idea by Lori Terril)


Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers (1), (2), (3)


Paper Airplane Graduation Card


More Clipart


Diploma Cake
Diploma Treats
Graduation Caps (cute idea)


Graduation Gift Ideas


Graduation Song (sung to "New York, New York")


"I wanted to give my oldest daughter, Jeni, something special for her graduation from high school. About two months before graduation, I decided to send a letter to people who had been an influence in Jeni’s life and ask them for their favorite recipes.  The response was wonderful! I received nearly one hundred recipes from grandmas, great-aunts, Primary and Young Women leaders, seminary teachers, and friends. I typed up each recipe, grouping them in categories. Then I put each of the thirty-five pages in a plastic page protector and compiled them in a three-ring notebook. Jeni’s Aunt Holly made dividers on pink paper for the cookbook. Since some of the recipes were special, I also gave her the originals. Now she has a copy of Great-Grandpa LaBaron’s pudding recipe in his own handwriting. Jeni was thrilled as she thumbed through the cookbook and read the names of those who contributed. Since graduation from high school, she has used her recipe book at college. It is practical, and yet she also treasures it because it is rich in heritage and memories." - Rebecca Kelly, Federal Way, Washington, October 1993 Ensign


Graduation Poem (for Preschoolers/Kindergartners)