Our bishopric held a combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting this last week to address the issue of pornography and internet safety.  They urged all the parents of youth with cell phones to remove all internet packages from their youth's cell phones.  This doesn't mean e-mail and text...just access to the internet.  They showed us an excellent excerpt from John Bytheway's DVD, "Standards Night Live.  It would be a great addition to this FHE if you have youth in your home.  We were also encouraged to put internet filters and parental controls on all computers (if it hasn't been done already).  I have listed some additional resources at the bottom of this page.  Here is a brief outline of what we did to review some of these lessons with our own children.

OPENING SONG: Choose the right way

SCRIPTURE: Doctrine and Covenants 9:13

INTRODUCTION: Share the story "Crash and Tell" from the June 2011 Friend Magazine.

- Discuss the story and what Conner did. 
- Why did Conner feel bad even when his mom told him it wasn't his fault?
- What can we learn from this story?

(If you have older children/youth, you could share and discuss this article instead.)

ROLE PLAY: You will want to role play with your children about how he or she is going to act when he is approached with an inappropriate story, joke or picture. Do this enough that he/she automatically reacts in a positive way. These days we need to send children to school prepared for these encounters by other children so they can be strong and know what to do. We need to include in our teaching, "Tell me when this happens." As they share (like Conner did in the above story), praise them.

VIDEO CLIPS: Depending upon the ages of your children and if you feel it is appropriate, you can share and discuss one of these video clips:

* Mormon Messages - (here) and (here).
* The Decision - This is a three minute cartoon being sold for $1.  The story is about three friends who happen across a pornographic magazine. The original story was first printed in the Friend magazine.
* You could purchase this DVD from Deseret Book called, "Pornography - The Great Lie". 

REVIEW: Deseret Book has put out a "Clean and Safe Media" Pledge (in English and Spanish).  Print out a copy and discuss all six items.  Have each family member sign the pledge and post it by your computer. 

AFTER FHE: Set up each child on the computer as a different user with their own logins.  Help them set up their favorites for quick and easy access to their most commonly visited websites.


Windows Parental Controls (XP, Vista, Windows 7)
Apple Parental Controls 
Parental Controls on iPhone, iPad and iTouch
Norton Online Family
K9 Web Protection (Comes highly recommended. Many schools use this.)
Open DNS


KidZui - Web browser for kids
Handout Idea - Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts
Tips from Provident Living
Helps from LDS.org


Strengthen the Family
Combating Pornography
Utah Coalition
Women for Decency
Content Watch
Family Facts