Lesson 43

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2. Primary 2 Lesson Cards

3. Colored Gameboard for Lesson 43 by Tricia MacNeil

4. “I Will Prepare” Oil Lamps -- This activity goes with the parable taught in the lesson about the Ten Virgins and their oil lamps. Having enough oil in the lamps can be compared to the children preparing for the second coming by doing the teaching of Jesus Christ. Each child is given a lamp and drops of oil with things they can do to prepare. Have them cut out the oil drops and “put” (glue) them in their oil lamp.

5. What a Joyful Day!

6. Christ can be our "lifesaver" by Intha Fields (handout idea)

7. Jesus Christ will come again (puzzle)

8. Second Coming Word Search by Cheryl Bottorff

9. Jesus Christ will come again (flannel board story)

10. Happy Clean Living

11. Jesus Christ will come again by David Hill - Power Point presentation

12. Teaching Stripling Warriors