alt The Parable of the Ten Virgins (March 2009 Ensign)


alt Scripture Figure from the Friend - Could be used to represent one of the Ten Virgins (duplicate 10 times)July 1986 Friend


alt Paper Plate Oil Lamp and Lesson by Kami Flexhaug 


alt We saved 10 milk jugs and cut the top off of them. Then we decorated them to look like oil lamps as in the story.  We filled 10 buckets with water and placed them across from each other spread out. We put one big serving spoon with each bucket. We gave them a time limit and placed each one in front of their bucket which we had put a fill line. The object is to fill to the line with out moving the bucket and before the time runs out. (Credit Unknown)


alt Filling your lamps with oil


alt Allison Kimball has a printable on this blog post (towards end of post).
alt Attach to a small bottle of oil, "Got oil?"
alt Ten Virgins Handout by Melinda Wilson
alt The arithmetic of this parable - printable


alt Parable of the 10 Virgins and the Oil in OUR Lamp
alt Paper Plate Oil Lamp and Lesson by Kami Flexhaug


alt Lesson 25: Parable of the Ten Virgins,” Primary 7: New Testament, 83


alt Check e-bay if you need to purchase several oil lamps.  Type in "biblical (clay) oil lamps" and there is usually a seller that sells their clay lamps for $1.49 each (quantity unlimited)."
alt Chocolate on my Cranium - Make your own oil lamps
alt Oil Lamp History
alt You can buy really cheap oil lamps from Restaurant Supply, starting at about 60 cents a piece for an 8 hour lamp. They are the candle refills, like the one they sell at Emergency Essentials but a lot less money since they are smaller, about the size of a tea light.  This is where we bought ours - 230 W 700 S in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their phone number is (801) 364-1981.  (Idea shared by Kimberly Martin / ga12302009)


alt One of my Junior Leaders did a great faith walk around the 10 virgins where she read the scripture account and told
them to go straight to the light (she had a picture of Christ with a light in the forest).  She also placed glow sticks along a separate path and had someone say that they should try that path.  Along the glow stick path, the leaders handed the girls rocks and said they had sinned by.... (we made up stuff).  At the end, they could drop the rocks in front of Christ and she had a candle for them to light "from the light of Christ" and talked about how they can use the atonement and prepare for His coming by keeping His light in their lives.  It was amazing! (Idea by Julie S.) 
alt The Ten Virgins as a Girl's Camp Theme
alt The Ten Virgins (Christian site)
alt Who are the 10 Virgins??


alt My oil lamp


alt 10 Virgin Program
alt 10 Virgins - 2 scripts in one (Credit Unknown)
alt Behold the Bridegroom Cometh (Credit Unknown)
alt Oil in our lamps (New Beginnings Program)
alt The Ten Virgins
alt Ten Virgins (New Beginnings Program)


alt Word Search

Q & A:

alt How do I prepare for the Second Coming?, May 2006 New Era


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt The Ten Virgins, Jan 2003 Friend


alt Before Primary, gather a number of beanbags and a container. Place the container at the front of the Primary room. Using tape or paper, mark a yard (or meter) from the container. Make ten more marks, spaced evenly, to the back of the room.  Help the children understand that the things they do to be worthy to enter the temple are the same things that would help them prepare for the Savior’s Second Coming. Tell the parable of the ten virgins (Matt. 25:1–13), and discuss what the children can do to “put oil in their lamps.” Show a copy of My Gospel Standards, and help the children see that by living these standards, they add oil to their lamps.  Tell them that the container at the front of the room is the Primary’s oil lamp. The beanbags are drops of oil. The children are to try to fill the lamp with oil by saying a gospel standard by memory. The more of the standard they have memorized, the closer to the lamp they may stand when they toss the drop of oil (beanbag).  Each class will have either one or two attempts to add oil to the container. The first child from one of the classes tries to say the standard from memory. For every word said correctly after “I will,” he or she gets to move one mark closer to the container (but no closer than the closest mark). The child then tosses the beanbag. If it lands in the container, the next child in the class gives an example of how he or she could live the standard, then throws another beanbag from the same spot. The turn then moves to the next class. If the first beanbag did not land in the container, the turn immediately goes to the next class. Use the same standard until the children have a good understanding of it. Sing a song that reinforces the standard. Repeat with other standards you wish to highlight.  Challenge the children to do more than memorize the words of the standards. They should truly live the principles. Tell of a personal experience, or tell a story from the Friend, that shows the blessings of living one or more of the standards.  (Suggestion taken from the December 2002 Friend, Sharing Time Suggestion #3)
alt I believe that Jesus will come again from September 1995 Friend
alt Oil in your lamp by Sue Hart


alt Ten Virgin Experience by Tara Hansen


alt Oil in our lamps by Lynn G. Robbins
alt Preparation for the Second Coming by Dallin H. Oaks

VIDEO CLIPS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt They That Are Wise - The Savior's parable of the ten virgins teaches about preparing for the Second Coming.  5:54 min. (Video Clip 6)