Here are five different ways you can play scattegories:

GAME 1 - Get a Scattegories Dice and hand out lists of categories to teams. Roll the dice and fill the list with things that fit the category that start with that letter. Each team tries to come up with something unique to get more points.

    Example Categories:

    Ways to help your family

    Ways to choose the right

    Things you see at a Baptism

    Things you see outside a temple

   Ways you can prepare to go on a mission

   Ways you can be a missionary now

   People in the Scriptures

   Things the Prophet tells us to do

   Where we can learn about Jesus

    Foods that are good for your body 

GAME 2 - Take a long word that you have been talking about that month and make a table







Ways to keep your body clean and pure

Talk nicely

Empty your mind of bad thoughts


Plant good songs in your mind

Love others

Enjoy a bath

People you want to see in Celestial Glory





Loved Ones


Habits to avoid


Eating junk food

Making Messes



Empty time

A good Song to listen to

Tell me a story


My Family

Popcorn Popping

Love one another

Easter songs

Something good to read

The House on the Prairie



Prophet’s words


Ezra Taft Benson’s teachings

Other Words:





Note: The easiest words at the top of the table are ones with no repeated letters.

GAME 3 - Put a large table like the one above on the board. As a Primary, try to think of words or phrases that fit the categories. If it starts with the right letter, write it on the board. If not, keep thinking!

GAME 4 - Have the teams chose a word by association. For example, “Write down the first name of someone whose body is a temple.” Show them how to write the word on their paper, by writing an example on the board.

Then ask the children to come up with ways they can keep their body clean and pure and habit free that start with the letters on their paper. Use your example on the board:

Stop smoking

I’ll be good

Sing good songs

Try to be like Jesus

Eat good food


Other word association clues:

First Name of a Child of God

First Name of a Prophet

First Name of a Person in the Scriptures

A Place We Send Full-Time Missionaries

A Place We Have a Temple

A Place Mentioned in the Scriptures

GAME 5 - Write a word of your choosing on the board like above. For example, write “TEMPLE” on the board with each letter on top of the next. Then ask the children to help you think of ways to keep your body as a temple. If a way starts with one of the letters, write it on the board. If not, keep thinking!


1. Scattigories Jr. has a rule that could be used to make it easier: Teams get one point for thinking of something unique that fits the category or two points if that thing also starts with the right letter.

2. In the actual game, you can get multiple points for thinking of phrases that logically could start with more than one letter. For example, “Making Messes” would get two points (if it is unique). Using the Jr. rules, you get points for any words in the phrase that start with the letter. For example, “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” would get two points if the letter was “P.” Be warned! Creative kids can add a lot of adjectives to get more points (“Making Monstrous Murky Milky Messes”).

3. Be sure to appoint a judge (preferably the host of the game) to decide if teams get the points. For example, if one team put “Prophet’s words” and another team put “Prophet Joseph’s words” the judge would decide if the teams should get the points for thinking up something unique in meaning, or should not get the points for starting with the same “P” word. A judge can also determine if striking out the first word strikes out all the multiple points (“Making Messes” or “Making your Mom Mad”).


1. Young Women/Young Men. Add categories like

Things you find at seminary

Scripture keywords

Things you find at a dance

Subjects in School

Things in the Strength of Youth pamphlet

Way to Stand for Something

Ways to share the Gospel


2. Relief Society. Add categories like

Things you learn about other Sisters

Things Sisters do

Ways to help other Sisters

Humanitarian items

Emergency Items

Ways to help the Kingdom


3. Family Home Evening. Add categories like

Things your parents tell you to do

Ways to show love to family members

Good goals for the New Year

Things that make your family happy

Places you’ve gone or would like to go as a family


4. Baby or Wedding Shower Game. Add categories like

Baby items

Animal babies

Baby food flavors

Things at a baby shower

Baby needs

Mom’s wish list

All about the baby


Registry items

Bride’s Wish list

Groom’s wish list

Things at a wedding

Honeymoon locations

Bride’s Favorites

Groom’s Favorites

All about the Bride

All about the Groom

All about the Happy Couple