Show the class a cookie sheet and a marble or small bead. Use the back of the tray so the edge won't catch the marble.  Let's pretend the tray is our safe area and we are the marble.  Sometimes we almost have to do a juggling act to keep from falling into temptation--or Satan's hands.  Place the marble on the cookie sheet.  Tip the tray, allowing the marble to roll close to the edge then back again.  Do this a few times, letting it roll off once or twice, "into temptation".  Ask one of the girls to come up and balance the marble.  As you place the marble on the inverted tray, challenge them to "keep yourself from falling into temptation."

If they tip the tray frequently, so the ball rolls close to the edge and back again, or even rolls off, respond with:  How easy is it to keep the ball on the tray?  Was it harder to roll the marble back to safety when it got too close to the edge?  You followed my example very well, but did you realize your instructions were to "Keep yourself from falling into temptation," not "See how close you can come to temptation." 

If the girl is wise enough to hold the tray steady and keep the marble in the center, respond with: "Why aren't you making the marble roll to the edge?  Congratulations, you realized very quickly that the easiest way to keep from falling into temptation is to stay away from the edge!"   None of us know how much temptation we can face before we fall.  As a group discuss ways to overcome temptation or keep from being tempted.