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Laurie writes, "I've created some Thanksgiving files for missionaries!  Got to get these in the mail and thought I'd share these with all the MM's out there...(missionary moms).  I am attaching Chocolate covered cinnamon bear, or Gummy Bears to the "BEARYTHANKFULHEART.jpg" (the other "Thankful Heart" one they can use with heart shaped candy), then GOLD CHOCOLATE COINS to "RICH.jpg", then, getting some caramel flavored Candy Corn to the "Turkey Toes.jpg", then Attaching the "Thanksgiving Mission.jpg" to a brown bag filled with clipart, colored leaves that our whole family and some of his friends wrote "Why I'm Thankful for Elder..." on them.  I've attached that leaf file for the idea. :)   Some of the leaves will have just a family photo of an individual on them as well, THEN  lastly, the "Thanksgiving Mission.jpg" to a bag filled with caramel corn or Poppycock (from Costco/Sams).  I hope this helps the mom's out there and our sweet missionary sons/daughters know how very much we appreciate and are grateful for their service."