Have an etiquette dinner - Give each person 10 safety pins and pin them to your shirts. Explain the rules, what good manners are, etc.  Then throughout the evening, everyone tries to catch others not using their manners (etiquette)........ not saying thank you, not putting elbows on the table, etc...... you had to give a pin to whoever caught you. The person with the most pins at the end was the winner.


Family Home Evening Lesson on Responsibility


Growing Up Manners Centerpiece
I wanted to share with you something that I did with my little girls.  If they had a hard time remembering where there bread plate or water glass was [we all have that problem sometimes because place settings can be jammed in together].  Here was a simple trick -- remember BMW [that is our car].  Bread - Meal - Water.  It was easy for them to remember the bread plate is on the left side and the meal is in the center and the water goblet is on the right -- BMW.  It really helped them! (Tricia Luker / ga10302006)

Manners Super Heroes
Roller Box TV - Lesson on Manners
Table Manners - - "Do's and Don'ts"
Table Manners Rhyme


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