To help class members understand the law of consecration and its eternal purposes and desire to consecrate their lives more fully to the service of God.

1. Meridian Magazine

2. Neuman Institute

3. Sacrifice whatever the Lord Requires (video clip)

4. Bill Beardall - [lesson outline] [lesson handout]

5. Tedd Gibbons Lesson Outline

6. Reflections on a consecrated life by Elder D. Todd Christofferson

7. Living the Principles of the Law of Consecration by President Marion G. Romney

8. LDS Living

9. The Law of Consecration and Stewardship

10. The Law of Consecration by Victor L. Brown

11. Making Precious Things Plain

12. One of my favorite quotes on the Law of Consecration is, "Consecration may not require giving up worldly possessions so much as being less possessed by them." (Neal A. Maxwell)

13. For this lesson, Randal of "Making Precious Things Plain" has a really big packet of handouts on the Law of Consecration (28 page pdf) that you can download here.