To help class members put on the full armor of God to protect them in the battle against evil.

1. LDS Gospel Doctrine Plus

2. Neuman Institute

3. Tedd Gibbons

4. Gospel Doctrine Handout for Lesson 43 by Doug Simpson

5. LDS Living

6. Bill Beardall's [lesson outline] [handout]

7. Making Precious Things Plain

8. Write the word revelation on the chalkboard in several different languages (Spanish, Japanese, German, etc.)  Ask the class if any of them know what the words mean.  Explain that although there are several words on the board, they all mean the same thing. Discuss how this word can be said and written many ways revelation also comes in many different ways. Discuss how the Lord guides the church in latter days with revelation through our prophet.  [Use this site to help you translate: Babel Fish]   (Idea from Becky Comstock)

9. Scripture Roundtable

10. Truth and Light

11. Take upon yourself the whole armor of God by Lavell Edwards

12. (Handout idea) from the New Era