Prepare Yourself Spiritually:   How have the scriptures influenced your life? What have you done
to make your scripture study more meaningful? Are the youth in your class having meaningful
experiences with the scriptures? How can you help them improve their study of the scriptures?

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alt Activity for "How can I improve my scripture study?" by Kristy Gordon


alt Buy an individual sized box of Boston Baked Beans (candy - see below) for each person. Glue a piece of black construction paper to cover the top, one side and the bottom of each box. Then with a white gel pen, write on the top "Holy Scriptures" and on the bottom write "Have you discovered the Holy Scriptures? Do you know what each one means? Is your head full of knowledge or just full of beans?"

Boston Baked Beans:
Credit: Homemaking Cottage

alt Feast Upon the Words by Jill Rogers
alt Quote by Howard W. Hunter

alt Holy Scriptures:  The power of God unto Our Salvation by Robert D. Hales (14:54 min)
alt 12 Ways to study the scriptures - LDS Scripture Study Techniques (click on the "next" button above picture...10 screens)
alt Kar's Kith and Kin
alt Book of Mormon: Uplifting Verses
alt Are Your Scriptures on the Back Burner? - Womens Conference 
alt LDS Scripture Study: Goal Calculator 


alt Successful Scripture Study by Paul Vandenberghe
alt A Discussion on Scripture Study
 My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures by Julie B. Beck
 Getting the Most out of Your Scripture Study
 Scriptures offer direction, strength by Primary General Pres. Cheryl C. Lant


alt How can I improve my scripture study? by Marta Hammond