Prepare Yourself Spiritually:  What do you do to make the sacrament more meaningful? Have you
had any experiences with the sacrament that you could share with the youth? What blessings can the
youth receive as they understand the sacred nature of the sacrament? What are some possible distractions
for the youth before and during the sacrament? How can they overcome these distractions?

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- What does it mean to partake of the sacrament worthily? 
- How does taking the sacrament relate to my baptism?
- How can I prepare for the sacrament, and what can I do during the sacrament to make it more meaningful?
- How can consistently partaking of the sacrament every week bless my life?


alt Making the Sacrament More Meaningful


alt I asked the youth what they would think if we had a baptismal font at the front of the chapel and every Sunday we all lined up In our white clothes and got baptized over again. And the next Sunday we could do it again. That's a lot of water an a lot of wet clothes...then went on to tell them we don't need to do this but we can still partake in the blessings is baptism every Sunday... (Idea shared by Nanette Troutner - LDS Teachers Group)
alt I used the activity of giving them a card and having them honestly writing down what they were thinking about during the sacrament. I told them we would not be sharing. Then I put up a picture of the last supper and read the story from the scriptures. I then asked what they were thinking and how they felt, and shouldn't we be like that every Sunday? (Shared by Amy Coontz - LDS Teachers Group)
alt Kar's Kith and Kin
alt The Red Headed Hostess
alt The Symbolism of the Sacrament


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alt Young Men Lesson 14: The Sacrament