2008 THEME:

 2008 Mutual Theme - The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve have approved the following as the Mutual theme for 2008: "Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works" (Mosiah 5:15).


 Ideas from LDSGreats.com
 Jenny Phillips offers 102 Youth Activities using the 2008 Theme - It's free but you have to sign up for her free newsletter to get it.  Just click here and look for a link on the main page that says, "102 Activities for Youth using the 2008 Theme."  She has ideas for activities, New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence.
 Steadfast and Immovable Relays by Liz Hansen
 We first spoke about what being steadfast and immovable means (the definition) etc.  Then I had all the youth and leaders pick someone from the scriptures who had been steadfast and immovable.  I gave them 5 minutes and they had to come up with a person, a particular story that illustrated the quality and a scripture to go with it. It was SO incredibly neat and brought the Spirit like nothing else. They all talked about their person and read their scripture. It really created a lot of discussion and made all of us realize that we have some awesome examples (some were David, Joshua, Nephi, Moses, 2000 stripling warriors, Joseph Smith -from the JSH, the Savior, Abinadi, etc. There are tons that no one mentioned: Ruth, Helaman, Esther, Daniel, etc.) From there we talked about the modern day examples that we now have. (Idea by Lori Troxel / ga01132008)


 2008 Theme (in Spanish)
 2008 Theme (in Spanish ~ another one)
 Bookmarks with this years theme (4 to a sheet)
 Steadfast and Immovable (clipart or T-shirt Logo)
 Steadfast and Immovable (clipart of T-shirt Logo)
 Steadfast and Immovable 1
 Steadfast and Immovable 2
 Steadfast and Immovable - black and white
 Steadfast and Immovable - purple
 Steadfast and Immovable - red


 Magnet with 2008 Theme by Amy Formenti
 Steadfast & Immovable - This could be a bookmark, poster or water bottle label
 Steadfast and Immovable Printables by Nicole Kelsch


 I have been thinking over a lot of stuff, and the thing that keeps coming back to me is about the story where the Lord tells the man to stand and push against the huge rock and it carries on and on and on, until finally the Lord comes back and the man is angry with him because he has spent all this time doing as the Lord was instructing him, and nothing came from it. Then the Lord pointed out how muscular, etc........SO.....to tie it into our theme, I have been thinking about how important it is for us to be that rock. To be steadfast and immovable.  When we are that example to those around us, not only does it help us fulfill our responsibilities and mission in life, but it helps to strengthen and lift those around us.....to build them into the people they would be unable to become without us.....again, at times, we are the man, who needs to be strengthened and forced to improve, therefore we need to surround ourselves w/rocks so that in our times of weakness, when we are the man, we will have rocks available to help increase our strength to deal with the difficult things that may come into our lives......... Then I thought I'd find a few pretty-ish rocks from my yard with a note for the youth to BE THE ROCK!! (Idea by Angela Mortensen /
 Ideas on how to introduce the 2008 Theme from LDSGreats.com
 The Stake presidency in my stake gave a conference two months ago and introduce the theme. One of the counselor brought in artificial trees and had them all over the room. She talked about the different types of roots of a tree and if a tree has strong roots it can with stand anything. Then she talked about a tree that didn't develop strong roots and how it collapse with the first blow of wind. Then at the end of her lesson she gave everyone a different type of tree from her yard to take and plant in our wards.  (Idea by Cathy Conner)


 Lesson Schedule for 2008 - The first is an Excel spreadsheet with two worksheets within.  One is for mutual and one is for lessons for 2008.  Go to the bottom of the spreadsheet and click on the second tab for the lesson schedule.


 Immovable and Strong
Jenny Phillips offers music and a wonderful DVD Presentation to go with the 2008 YW Theme
Joan Sowards has written a song to go with the 2008 Theme called, "Always Abounding"...click here.

NEW BEGINNINGS PROGRAMS Especially for 2008:
 A.R.M.Y.: Be Steadfast and Immovable by Amber Park
 Build a foundation of rock by Melinda Beachell

 Edible Lighthouse Centerpiece by Shauna H. Hostetler
Mosiah 5:15 - This information is taken from the January 2008 New Era and would be helpful if giving a talk on the 2008 Theme.
 Steadfast as a Soldier by Lynnette Black - Ward Conference Theme

 Heather has some fun craft ideas for this years theme on her blog.  These gift ideas can be used for birthdays, Christmas, YWIE or New Beginnings.  Click here to learn more and/or contact her.  She's great to work with!!!
 Rubber Stamp with this year's theme.....SO cute!  Check it out.


 A great talk by Elder Bednar to go along with the 2008 Young Women Theme
 Introduction to YW Theme from January 2008 New Era (Elder David Bednar)
 Introduction to Mutual Theme from General YM and YW Presidency's
 Stand Strong and Immovable by Julie B. Beck
 Steadfast in Christ by M. Russell Ballard


 Ideas from The Idea Door
 Ideas from Young Women Connection


 Always Abounding
 Steadfast and Immovable
 Steadfast and Immovable