Each girl is bringing a box supper for 2 and each Young Men is bringing dessert for two. When they get there we will do a mixer game (probably the name tags on the back and they have to guess who they are). Then each girl will take off one shoe and put it in a pile. Then the Young Men each select a shoe and find who it belongs to. They eat there dinners & dessert together. After the dinner one of our ward members who speaks really well to youth will be speaking to them on etiquette.


alt We started with a married couple out to dinner. They did everything wrong according to Miss Manners! He never held the chair, no napkins, she ordered the most expensive item on the menu, and ordered quite a healthy appetite worth. They didn't really communicate with each other, and if he said a funny, she would snort loudly and laugh hysterically! She'd pick her teeth and he'd blow his nose at the table, and at the end, didn't tip the waitress. It was hilarious. Everyone was just dying!...
Then they went through and explained all that they did wrong. I think they might even have had a paper and pencil for them to take notes and write down what was wrong. After the explanation of what was right, they were taken into the gym to a fancy dinner. The other ward took care of the meal and serving and even clean up. We then did it for them the next week. It was really successful...We did draw names and had them with partners with no switching.


alt United States Dining Etiquette Guide