In the Book of Mormon, Alma compared faith to a seed. In order for a seed to grow, we have to plant it in good soil and nourish it by giving it water and sunlight. As the seed starts to grow, we have to continue taking care of it in order for it to keep growing. If we stop giving it water and sunlight, the plant will die. The plant did not die because the seed was bad, but because it was not getting the nourishment and care that it needed to grow. But if we keep taking care of the seed, it will keep growing and growing until we can pick the delicious fruit and taste it.

Faith in the gospel is much like the seed. In order for faith to start growing we need to plant it in our hearts by wanting to learn more about the gospel, and practice its teachings. As we do this, we will see the results and have a good feeling inside about what we are doing. This is a sign that the seed, or our faith, is good and is beginning to grow within us. At this point our faith needs to be nourished to keep growing.

Throughout our whole life, we need to nourish our faith with diligence and patience and we will feel it grow and grow. If we do this we will taste the fruit of our faith which is eternal life.

(Alma 32:26-43)