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 Handout Idea - Compassion Rolls


 "Collecting Compassion" - From construction paper, cut out the letters, COMPASSION.  Make them approximately 6" high.  Using tape, make a hopscotch board on the floor.  Make sure the squares are large enough for them to jump into with both feet.  Put the construction paper letters in the corners of the squares, one letter to each square.  Do not put them in any order.  Give each child a penny.  Explain that the letters on the hopscotch board when collected will spell a special word from the lesson.  It is a long word, but an important word that every person should know about. Each child takes a turn tossing their penny and trying to land it in one of the hopscotch squares.  When they land in one, they hop in all the squares up to where their penny is, pick up the penny and the construction paper letter and finish hopping the rest of the way to the end of the board.  When all the letters have been collected, arrange the children in the correct order so the word, compassion, is spelled.  Tell them what the word is and explain that it means love in action.  It means your heart feels so much love and sympathy for someone,  you want to show it by kind acts and words.  Only Jesus can give us this compassion.  He gave it to the man in our story today...tell the story of the Good Samaritan.   (Adapted from Kindergarten Sabbath School Program)
 For this activity you'll need box of Band-aids, poster board and a permanent marker.  Ask the children why we apply bandages or band-aids.  (To help heal wounds) The bandage or band-aid doesn't heal the boo-boo, but it protects the wound while the miracle of healing takes place.  We cannot heal all the hurts that people have.  Sometimes people's bodies get hurt very badly.  We cannot heal them.  Sometimes their feelings and hearts get hurt very badly.  We cannot heal them.  But Jesus wants us to be like a bandage or a band-aid.  He wants our compassion  (remember what that word means?) And love to protect a person while He does the healing.  Let's talk about some boo-boo's that children might have on their bodies and in their hearts.  On the poster board write in small letters the ideas the children give you about what hurts them.   (Examples: A dog bite, being cut with a knife, unkind words, mommy or daddy leaving home, being made fun of etc...)  Write each idea separately and spread them out all over the poster board.  After writing as many ideas as the children can come up with, give them all some band- aids.  Before applying a band-aid "over one of the wounds written on the poster board" ask a child to think of something they can say or do that would help the wounded child.  (Don't forget PRAYER!  Even when there seems like there is nothing we can do, we can pray for that person)  The activity is complete when all the wounds talked about are covered with band-aids.  Encourage the children to look for "wounded" people this week that they can love and help. (Idea from Kindergarten Sabbath School Program)


 Parable of the Good Samaritan (Primary 7)
 “Who Is My Neighbour?” (Lesson 14) New Testament Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual, 5


 Sing or say the words to “Kindness Begins with Me” (Children’s Songbook, pg. 145).


 Being Loving and Compassionate
 Sunday School Resources


Jesus taught us how to serve others by Megan Buhler


The Good Samaritan - This is a skit about the Good Samaritan and the 13th Article of Faith!


 The Good Samaritan (taken from the October 1995 Friend)