In the closing session of the spring 2007 general conference, President Hinckley said, "We hope that you will use the May edition of the Church magazines as a text for your family home evenings, to review that which has been spoken in this conference." 

Take a look at the Friend magazines issued before and after conference. They will have some ideas there.

Also, look for interesting stories and analogies in the talks. Stories about other children/families, the pickle analogy, etc. Tell it to him in your own words. Try to include and object lesson.

Look at what topics were spoken on, and then look in the Nursery manual for that topic. Show a picture of that General Authority and say "Elder _______ talked to us
about _________ at conference," and then go into the lesson ideas from the nursery manual.

Find a song on the topic in the Children's song book. Or sing songs about the prophets from the song book.

See which scripture stories were mentioned, and use GAK pictures and re-enacting the scripture stories, or use action figures, flannel board figures, puppets, or stuffed animals to retell the story.