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 An idea for the Primary Presidency to make baptism day special

 It's great to be eight program invite and more by Jenny Meek

Baptism Information Magnet by Tiffany Weighall

 Baptism Pennies

 Baptism Preview Invitation by Melanie Day

 Baptism Preview Invitation by Jennifer

Baptism Preview Packet by Lexie Borg

 Baptism Preview Program Outline by Kate

 Baptism Songbook by Heather H. Shepherd

 "Extra" Special Cub Scout Welcome by Marlaina Bair

 Great in Eight Cookies Bouquet by Ang Kynaston

"Great to be 8" Baptismal Preview Printables by Leah Barrus

 Great to be eight invite idea

Great to be eight refreshment idea by Kristie McMarrow

 It's great to be eight - sample program by Kristy Merrill

 It's great to be.... - Kathryn McCarty

 It's great to be eight printables by the Portland, Michigan Branch

 Last year my second counselor put together "It's great to be eight" program. She sent out birthday invitations to each child. The bishopric was also invited. The program consisted of talking about baptism, and the different things to be sure bring. The Bishop talked about the visit he would have with each of them.  The children were given a gift bag with a white towel and the CTR letters in red, yellow and blue. There was also a bar of soap, a pair of white socks. The children were also given an activity book. The parents were given a booklet also. The children were also told about the activities [Faith In God] that they would be attending [cubs and activity day]. For refreshments we had birthday cake and punch.  (Idea by Merri Lea Hoff)

Baptism Kit Kat by Eileen K. Green

 Eight is great

 It's great to be eight invite by Kayleen Mills

 I have to say that one of the most touching parts of the program that we've ever done was to have the father (or mother or whomever) of each child stand up and share their favorite quality about their child. Wow, is the spirit and love in the room SO STRONG!!   Since we discovered how powerful this is, we have not left it out.  (Idea shared by Julie Jensen / ga04182007)

Stake Baptism Preview Invitation by Amy Tuttle

Baptism Cereal (gift idea)

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 Our "Great to be Eight" Program -  by Jessica Skinner

 Use "stepping stones" to place on the floor to teach the children that you can't get from the first stone to the last (they are placed down first far apart) without doing certain things to make the path reach from end to the other. Have the children place each "stone" down once the message was discussed, pretty soon, the stones made and entire path they could walk across. The stones are cut from paper and each labeled. (Credit Unknown)

 We did our baptism preview last Sunday night and it went great. We invited all the CTR 8's and their families. The program was simple: the wolf leader talked for a few minutes about scouting, the achievement day leader spoke about achievement days. I spoke about gospel in action. then they watched a short video about baptism. The bishop spoke about the importance of baptism, and the CTR 8 teacher spoke as well.  Then the children played a song on the chimes, and that was it.  We brought refreshments. The program only lasted on hour, and the kids felt really special about turning 8. Oh yeah, we showed them the baptismal font and the clothes too. (Idea by Laurie Dyer)

 We had a little talk on what they could do as a family to prepare for baptism, showed them the font, clothes and explained what would happen when they came the day of their baptism. I then explained the Faith in God booklet, answered any questions and we had a treat. It lasted about 35 to 40 minutes. (Idea by Janet)

 We ask a child who was baptized the previous year to give a little talk about what it was like (were they scared?, was the water cold? how did they feel after.)  I ask them to be honest about their feelings. Then we have our bishop talk about what the baptism interview with him will be like.  We do this so that it is not a scary thing for them to "go and meet  with the bishop". Then we have a dad and child demonstrate how to hold the arms and nose when being baptized. Then we show the baptism clothing that they will wear and show the font. For the past two years, we have actually let them go down into the font (reverently) and see what it is like. Then we take a minute and talk about the Faith in God program (this is good to do while the parents are there!). Then we have refreshments! It has been such a successful program for us. Several parents have made the comment that they wish that they would have had something like that for them when they were children so they wouldn't have been so nervous about being baptized.  That's the whole reason we do this. (Credit Unknown)

 Baptism Bags

 Baptism Binders

 It's great to be eight (candy bar wrapper) by Doug Allen