A soda surprise by Becky Arrowood

 8th year birthday gift - (Idea by Chris Leger) "For the girls I crochet white "scrunchies" (hair elastics) to wear at their baptism and for the boys I buy inexpensive "nothing" books and cover them with material and give them as journals."

 Balloon Poster - (Credit Unknown) We made a poster that had colorful, poster board balloons attached. The balloons read, "Happy Birthday, ___(name)__! ____(Birth date)___." Each month, every child who would have a birthday would see his/her balloon on the poster. When it was their week to be sung to, they were given their balloon as a birthday card, in addition to another small remembrance. This also helped us keep track of those that were absent and missed being sung to.

 Birthday Blocks - by Shayleen Lunt

 Birthday Coupon by Emily Hodges 

 Birthday Box - I bought a little tupperwear container that is easy to get the lid off.  I covered the sides with wrapping paper, got some curly ribbon and tied them on each side of the handle of the container and put a sign on each side with big birthday stickers and text that says "Birthday Box".  Inside I have all kinds of painted big and small magnets for their fridge at home.  Some have CTR or I am a child of God, or just little wooden houses that have been painted and decorated.  Of course they get a birthday card along with it.  It's a big hit...they know when we bring out the "Birthday Box" that it's something special.  (Idea by Kerry Kimmins / ga07142008)

 Birthday Cake - (Idea by Kathy Carling) "In our ward we have purchased small cake pans. We make and deliver a small birthday cake to the children who are having a birthday that week. This way we remember their birthday and we will make a home visit to every child in our primary during the year. It is a great way to visit the less active children. The children as well as their parents really have enjoyed this."

 Birthday Can Labels by Heather Matthews

 Birthday Cupcakes by Amanda Fenenma

 Birthday Coupon Cards by Marie Griffiths

 Birthday Dollar - (Idea by Jackie Lance) "Using a story "Dollar Day" from The Friend we told the story of a boy who got a dollar for his birthday from his aunt, and was instructed to help as many people as he could with the dollar, and try to do it without them knowing. She then asks that he let her know what happens. We got approval from our Bishop, sent a cover letter home the first week of the year explaining the birthday dollar program, "purchased" a birthday dollar (in change) for each child and put it in a little container with a cute card attached which they could keep track of their good deeds on. We used a sharing time to present the program to the children, and gave them suggestions on how they could use the dollar. First of course, was tithing. In addition to the ideas in the story, some ideas were, use the dollar to buy a cake mix and bake someone a cake, give some of the money to a teacher who could help someone who had forgotten lunch, pay a fine for someone at the library, and the list goes on. When the dollar was gone, we had the children come up and tell everyone in Primary how they had spent their birthday dollar. It was a great success!"

 Birthday Pencil Cards

Birthday Pencils and Coupons by Sheryl Johnson 

 Birthday Postcards by Sharlee Ritz

 Birthday Treasure Map

 Bishop Birthday Coupons by Pauline Alger

 Bishop Candy Coupons by Alana Lee

 Bishop Birthday Fun - We asked our Bishop to be involved with wishing our Primary Children a happy birthday.  The week of their Birthday in Primary we give the child a Birthday Card and a coupon redeemable for a candy bar from the Bishop.  The child then goes to the Bishop to redeem his coupon.  It gives the Bishop a chance to say Happy Birthday to the child, and it gives the children a few minutes with the Bishop.  If you stick to the "No Food" thing, you can have your Bishop give a pencil, book mark, etc., however we were thinking the children will probably be more anxious to seek out the Bishop for candy than for a bookmark!  Even our counselor, whose children are "off sugar", said on their birthday she would support this idea!  (by Sharon / ga10232009)

 Book of Mormon - This year we gave a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon to each child in Primary for their birthday. We presented it the Sunday before their birthday and if they were not there I took it over to them on their birthday. We have a small Primary so it was not too stressful. I even wrote a note to each one of them in the front of the book. They all seemed to like it and look forward to it. (by Jenny Mears / ga10222007)

 Bracelets - Primary Wristbands

 Flashlights - Last year we ordered some things off of Oriental Trading and one of our young women put them together for us. The children loved this stuff.  Also Oriental Trading has little mini flashlights that say "Jesus is our Light."  (Idea by Questie Reams)

 I am a child of God blocks by Heather Benson

 I don't want to just do the same thing I do with the Primary children!  They're extra special!!!  For the sister teachers  I give them one of my little fabric bags, fill it with Hershey's kisses or other wrapped chocolate goodness, I get a scrapbooking tag and write Happy Birthday Sister...., I get a cloth ribbon and tie it to the strap and well-a!!  A extra special birthday bag.  I know our primary president uses her bag for her make-up in her purse.  For the brother teachers - I buy some HUGE cookies put 2 or 3 in a zip lock bag, and do the same tag and ribbon idea as above.  They're a big hit.  (Idea by Kerry Kimmins / ga07142008)

 If the Savior Stood Beside Me by Celeste Bush

 Layered Birthday Cake by Jennifer Johnson

 Magent Boards - For Primary birthdays this next year, we are making each child a magnet board and magnets. We are making magnets with simple words, "family", "forever", "love" and maybe one with the picture of the temple and then one with the child's name. We are making them with the clear, flat marble stones found in craft stores. We will attach a note that says, "To a MAG-nificant child, Happy Birthday!"  (Idea by Megan / ga11242008)

 Oversized Cards - (Idea by Lindsey Chesapeake) "I wanted to make a special birthday card for my Primary children that turned 8 years old so I decided to make "oversized" cards. I took one piece of poster board and folded it in half to make one big card. After decorating it with tons of fun stuff I also made an oversized envelope for the card to be mailed in. It makes for a GREAT surprise!"

 Pass Along Puzzle by Jennifer Rose - This idea could be adapted to any year's theme.  Just change the picture on the card to reflect the theme.

 Personal Birthday Visit - (Idea by Debbie Hansen) "Our children so greatly enjoyed a personal visit at Christmas, that we decided to give each their own special birthday visit by at least one of the presidency. During the visit we let them choose one of the Mormon Ad postcards, which we had previously put into a cardboard frame. We then let each child choose what craft they wanted to decorate the frame. Some choices are popsicle sticks that they layer how they want, and paint in favorite colors, puzzle pieces, stickers, or a sack of buttons to layer on! Ideas could go on such as frames covered in Life savers, or other small candies, a variety of stickers, or seeds, or macaroni...some children just want to create their own! Of course the idea works because our primary only numbers about 50, but you could adapt it to larger numbers!"

 Personalized Posters - This idea could be adapted to be a birthday gift.

 Pillowcase - We purchased bulk pillowcases and wrote on them "Don't ever forget to pray" from the song President Hinckley wrote in the Friend. (by Sheryl Hazelet / ga10032007)

 Primary Color Crayons - (Credit Unknown) I found very inexpensive crayons in a 4 pack and used the red, yellow, and blue crayons as a birthday gift for each child from the Primary. Each set of three was then bundled together, tied with raffia, with a small card stating the meaning of each color (red - courage, yellow - service, blue - truth) then placed in a basket for Sunday’s birthday song.

 Primary Scripture Snakes by Shersti Martin Del Campo 

 Red Pencils - LDS scripture markers, or red pencils, (available at Distribution Center) are great for handing out to the children for their birthday. Dress them up with a “Happy Birthday” topper made of brightly-colored cardstock in which either end is paper-punched and slid over the pencil. The pencils can be placed in a decorated jar or can, or a “Birthday Cake” can be made from Styrofoam, wood or paper-mache. (Credit Unknown)

 Scripture Bear - (Idea by Rozan Mitchell) "We wanted a new and unique birthday remembrance this year. So to go along with the theme "I Know The Scriptures Are True" and to remind the children to read their scriptures we came up with a cute basic bear cut out of fun foam (available at craft stores), we punched a hole in one ear and tied ribbon through it so it can be hung on a doorknob, we then copied, laminated and tied this little poem to one hand:  

Hello! I'm your little Scripture Bear
And I have something special to share--
When you hang me on your bedroom door
You'll remember to read your scriptures more
And as you read them every day
You'll feel the Spirit in a special way
Your heart will fill with peace and joy
To know our Savior loves each girl and boy." 

 Scripture Snakes - "We make "Scripture snakes" out of fabric with a felt head. We filled their tube like bodies with gumballs. We included a poem with the snake that said something about when they read their scriptures they can chew the gum and when the taste is gone they are done reading. The poem was really cute. The kids loved getting their scripture snake for their birthdays." (S. Boyer)

 Seeds of Faith
- (Idea by Dana Jeurgens) My secretary and I came up with this idea. I found this poem somewhere else on the internet:

Happy Birthday to YOU!  You have a project to do.
A cup, some soil,...and some mystery seeds.  You can plant like faithful deeds
And watch to see what soon will grow. The blessings of faith we don't always know.
But the seeds are likely to grow and sprout, Just as blessings from FAITH COME OUT! 

In a birthday sack we included a baggie filled with soil. A small envelope with seeds. A Dixie cup. And a bookmark with Follow The Prophet on it attached to a popsicle stick that they could stick in their cup of dirt. Our secretary made up the bags so cute that the children can hardly wait for their birthdays. Then we sing "The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden" (CS, 237) to the birthday child."

 Some more birthday ideas

 Temple Recommend Holder
- When we have a child graduating we give them the plastic temple recommend holder to encourage their attendance for baptisms for the dead.  It has gone over well and the kids look forward to that stage in their lives.  We talk about their accomplishments with their Faith In God and how those things have prepared them to enter the temple.  They realize that spiritual rewards are the best kind.  This year our Stake is focusing on temple and family history work and we are really going to use that a lot in primary, so it will have an even more important meaning for our children graduating this year. (Idea by Carrie Clark)

 The Birthday Box by Marena Nunez

 The Birthday Tree by Ellen Harnden

 "To remember the children on their birthdays this year, we made them each a card and said "We're pleased as PUNCH it's your birthday. We hope you have a happy day. Love, The Primary". We attached a packet of "Kool Aid" to each card and a pencil with the theme for the year on it. The children have really seemed to enjoy it and the parents have commented how excited the children have been to make their punch for Sunday dinner." (Julie from Utah)

 We have a cannery in our town, so we fill the cans with Skittles, stuffed toy, bubbles, etc, and seal the can. We get border wallpaper and wrap the can with it to decorate, and give to the Primary children for their birthdays. They are opened at home, so parents can see what the child gets. In addition, we attach a business card for the child to give to bishop, and they get a handshake and a treat from him. This helps the children get to know the bishop and not be afraid. (Idea by Anna / ga07242006)

 You could print these handouts from Jolly Jen on cardstock, cut them in half, and add a pencil....