The meeting will start with us watching a short excerpt from Johnny Lingo (the church approved version - It's the last video clip on "The Worth of Souls" video) where Johnny offers 8 cows for Mahana. I am going to talk just a minute about the story in case there is someone that isn't familiar with the story. The sisters will have a card that has the 8 different things they will be doing during the meeting (5 minutes EACH). I actually put these on yarn so they can wear them because I usually can't hold on to anything for very long. The 8 things that they are supposed to accomplish are....

1. Holy Cow- our Seminary teacher is going to talk about using object lessons in your family scripture study. She is going to teach a short lesson to demonstrate. I have asked her to keep it 5 min. or less. We have a lot to do. :)

2. Cash Cow- Our Relief Society President is going to give a short demonstration about how she keeps up with her budget. She has a register that she keeps in her check book and it helps her know how much money she has at all times. I am not good at this, but need to see how she does it so I can practice. She is passing out the registers and a simple synopsis of her budgeting method. She wants to keep the demo between 5 and 10 minutes and she is going to offer to work with people at another time to go in depth with them, but we still have a lot to do. :) I also have handouts about how to pay your 30 year mortgage off in 15 and other tips.

3. Cow Tippin'- If you are not familiar with the term, we southerners talk about cow tippin' as a form of cheap entertainment. I don't know one person who has done this, but you sneak up on a cow at night and knock it over as it sleeps. I am from Alabama and have lived here all of my life and don't know a soul who has done it- but I guess it's popular with some people. I thought- Cow Tippin'- Inexpensive Entertainment. This will be divided into 2 parts. #1 is Inexpensive Date ideas- taught by our Bishop's Wife. They go on a date night every week, no fail. She is going to bring pictures and talk about her fav. dates. I have asked her to keep it at 5 min. #2- Inexpensive family activities- taught by a good friend of mine. She has 3 beautiful girls, all young. She does an awesome job keeping them busy with inexpensive activities and is very dedicated to FHE. I have asked her to keep it at about 5 min. and to bring pictures or anything she wants to display.

4. Mad Cow- This segment is about taking care of yourself. I have a sea salt recipe that helps with dry hands so we are going to take a minute to take care of out hands while listening to quiet music. I have jokes and just funny thoughts that I framed with frames that I use at every enrichment as cheap decorations for the sisters to read. This will be done as the sisters want. No time limit- as long as they finish the last 4 things.

5. The Cow Jumped Over the Moon- This is about goals. The sisters will have stationary and envelopes set up on a table. Their assignment in this area is to write down 1 goal and 1 thing they can do to act on the goal. I have a handout about goals and how they are best accomplished for them to take with them. They are to take their goal home and work on the action. This is done whenever they want as long as it gets done before the end of the meeting.

6. Grazing- Lunch. We are having cheese pizza and salad for lunch and cookies and milk for dessert. I have been collecting the sisters' ground beef recipes for a few weeks and have composed a handout of the recipes for them to take. No real time limit on this, just as long as they get there cards completed.

7. Chewing the Cud- The sisters are to try to talk to as many sisters as they can during the meeting. Even though we are a small ward, and have the most wonderful people, we still have to work on fellow shipping.

8. Till the Cows Come Home- Enduring to the End (of the meeting) It is always nice when the meeting has gone well and everyone has had a good time. It is even nicer when people offer to stay and help clean up. If they don't help clean up they still get credit for coming out to the meeting- but it is a little hint. :)

I have some stickers that the sisters can use to mark off their 8 things as they complete them. I don't know if there will be many who want stickers- but you never know. We are having cow patty cookies. And the sisters will receive a card that will fit in their wallet that certifies them as a full fledged 8 Cow Woman.

The decorations have all come from thrift stores. I went for the cow stuff. Others have told me they would have used island stuff because of Johnny Lingo. I found tons of cow stuff and didn't pay more that $3 for any of it.