We had our enrichment meeting tonight. It was such a good mix of spiritual and fun. We used the purse theme that was on this group before. We had taco salad for dinner, then we had a speaker (me). I spoke about how when you get a new purse or clean out your purse everything is so neat and organized, then as you go through your life you fill it with stuff, good stuff, but sometimes so much stuff that you can't find what you need or have room for things that you need. Then I put a poster of a purse up and we added into that purse things in our every day lives - all good things. Sometimes we fill our lives with so much good that there is no room for the great.

I shared the story from a talk from Sister Parkin about Mary and Martha. Then I just used a portion of Elder Perry's talk from the World Wide Training on prioritizing our time. We then played the purse game and for fun we had each brought a pound of something wrapped and we used those gifts as the prizes for the purse game. It was a really fun night, we had about 45 sisters there. It would have been nice to have more, but it was just so much fun to have everyone together.

Next month we are having a spring cleaning activity the sister in charge of it is calling it "Spring into Action" - she is doing spring cleaning tips, an organization class and an exercising while you clean class. Should be great information!

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