This project is so easy and very inexpensive. You can make these for fun, for birthday or wedding gifts....the possibilities are endless. You can adapt these picture frames for any season...just use seasonal scrapbook paper, baby scrapbook paper, etc.

I found my frames at a dollar store, and really, any frame will do. You just cover the surface with scrapbook paper. Before I get ahead of myself, here is what you do.

You'll need:

- picture frame
- mod podge
- scrapbook paper (I used one piece of cardstock scrapbook paper for both frames)
- scissors
- small paintbrush
- scrapbook embellishments (ribbon, rub-on stickers, flowers, glitter, etc.)

First, here are the frames I purchased:

Secondly, I took my scrapbook paper and cut it to go around the frames. There are so many fun scrapbook papers these will make it hard to decide. Anyway, my scrapbook paper had a pattern on both sides, making it perfect to use the same piece of paper for both frames.


Next, I dipped my paintbrush in the mod podge and lightly went around the areas I would be placing the scrapbook paper. Then I placed the strips of paper onto the frame and made another layer of mod podge on top of the scrapbook paper. Make sure to completely cover the scrapbook surface.


This is what it looked like right after I glued it down. Notice I used some of the contrasting paper from the frame on the right and glued a few pieces on the other frame. Let it dry completely. Once dry, you can add your scrapbook embellishments. Try to use them to cover any spots that may need covering.

I used a few rub on stickers. Then I used another layer of glue and went around the whole frame and on top of the rub on stickers. Then I lightly dusted it with glitter while still wet and placed a few flowers on. (Although these pictures don't show it, I also took a piece of sandpaper and ruffed up the edges a bit....looks so cute!)


Honestly this project was quick and easy and maybe cost me 3.50 for everything (I already had the mod podge on hand).

Here is the final product -

I wrapped both frames with tulle and they're ready to give as a gift.


You can apply this technique to so many other things. Here is another example. I picked up some cardboard letters like this at my local scrapbook store. (You could use any of the wood letters as well). This is what they look like in the store:

(Obviously these are not the same letters as below....but give you an idea of what to look for at the scrapbook or craft store). You can spell someone's name (for a baby gift or birthday present) or you can use words like, "love" or "home" or "mom", etc.)

Once you've decided on your letters, paint them whatever color you wish. Paint the whole entire letter. Once completely dry, you take your scrapbook paper and turn it to the back side. Then take the letter and place it backwards and trace the letter onto the paper. Make sure before cutting the paper that your letter is traced correctly. Cut it out just slightly inside the line you traced...that way the paper will look like this:


Use mod podge and cover the area your scrapbook paper on top of the letter and completely cover the surface area with mod podge. Once you've completed each letter, let them dry completely. Then add embellishments like ribbons, flowers, etc.:


Here is the finished product:


Very simple and lots of fun! Enjoy!