ABC Quiet Books

Antique Looking Clock

Bag Holders

Bathroom Blocks

Ceramic Statues (Christus, Gethsemane, Come Unto Me)

Cookies in a Jar

Family Night Scripture Activity (Have the sisters make them for their families)

FHE Assignment Boards

FHE lesson exchange

Freezer Jam - Learn how to make it.

Get a gallon paint bucket, (from a paint store like Lowe's) and then paint it and decorate it and fill it with ice melt. The saying said, "When it snows you can shovel the walks or make snow angels". The bucket I saw was painted red with white sponged snowflakes on it. (Idea by Sherie)

Glass Pan Etching

HOME Blocks

I Spy Bags

Make musical chimes (by cutting pipes for each note)

One-stroke painting

One thing they did in my Mom's ward that was a big hit was to have a Grandma's Idea Swap. And it was just that--a time for the grandmas of the ward to get together and share ideas of fun things to do with/for the grandkids. My mom was surprised at how this idea swap got out sisters that never come to Super Saturday because they have too much "stuff" and don't want to make any more. (Idea by Michelle Butler)

Refrigerator Relief - fun idea to help unclutter the front of your fridge! Quick and easy craft project!

Scrapbook Picture Frames and Other Goodies

Simple hooded towels

Six Super Saturday Ideas

Some Quiet Book Ideas

Terra Cotta Treat Jars

Vellum Family Proclamation with family picture behind

We did our husband's priesthood line of authority with a vellum picture of Christ behind it. (Credit Unknown)