You'll need the following materials:

Wooden knob
3 -inch diameter terra cotta lid
4 -inch diameter terra cotta lid
6-inch tall terra cotta pot
6-inch round glass bowl
Glue for ceramic/glass (Glue Guns DO NOT work on this project)
Acrylic Paint
Clear Acrylic Matte Coating


1) Completely remove all price tags. Sand any sticker residue off of the terra cotta. If you don't the adhesive will bleed through the paint! Sand out any minor imperfections in the terra cotta.

2) Assemble the lid by gluing the smaller lid into the larger lid (insides facing in). Glue the wooden knob on the center of larger lid and let dry.

3) Paint terra cotta pot and lid in desired color.

4) Once paint is dry. Spray all painted surfaces with Clear Acrylic Matte Coating for a finished look. Let dry.

5) Glue the glass bowl onto the ceramic pot. Only use glue specifically made for glass and ceramic projects - hot glue will not hold!! Turning the bowl upside down and placing the terra cotta pot on top of it and squirting the glue through the hole in the bottom of the pot seems to work well. Make sure everything is centered and leave upside down to dry.