Sung to the tune:  "On Top of Old Smokey"

The time has gone quickly
This month is near done
I'm feeling real guilty
For visits there's none.

I must make appointments
And call those dear folks,
Make time with the active
Tell the other ones jokes...

My companion is limping
And I've got the flu,
There's no babysitter
What am I to do?

My skis are broken
The car just won't go!
My bicycle won't work
In this much snow....

I call my first family
To chain up their dog,
And turn on their porch light
In case there is fog!

Warn the next family
We're coming in,
So we can't see if
They're living in sin!!!!

Call still another
With 24 kids,
Keep the smiles beaming
As they all bang pot lids!

Feel so discouraged
With those frowns and sighs,
Try to talk faster to
Clock-watchers, good-byes.

And when it is over
And we've listened a lot,
Borne testimonies
Given lessons or not --

We've seen all our dear sisters
And lightened their souls,
And shown them we care too
And helped with their goals.

So don't let the time fly
Without going out
Visiting Teaching
Is what it's about.....